Posted on Jul 03, 2018

Combined with her daily food routine, new found lifestyle and discipline that lifting weights at the gym offered her, Laura Micetich, 22 yrs old, also known as “The Iron Giantess weighed over 300lbs with experience problems including hyperthyroidism, prediabetes and high blood pressure now known for her amazing body transformation that definitely inspired people.


Though, she experienced failing and hard-trying to get her health under control, she determined to search what particular steps she would begin with. At first, she thought of surgery but then realized it was too risky having a high-BMI which is not recommended. She then change her lifestyle that possibly help attain the serious concern about her health. She started going to gym, lifting weights to prioritize her health and fitness associated with eating clean foods and the determination with her journey. Let’s see how she reveals her new lifestyle.

Eat Right

“I stopped eating out. I stopped getting take out. I stopped buying junk at the grocery store. I stopped having alcoholic drinks with friends. I stopped binging on crap.”


One of the big part of gaining her weight is her secret eating and extra snacking. She made to begin with her step to keep healthy and adjust her food intake to fit her body’s needs. She didn’t even starve and restrict herself but eat more healthy foods.


“I worked on one body part a day… at least five machines or movements with 5 sets of 10 to 12 at a weight that challenged me”


At first, exercising wasn’t easy and it took a lot of dedication and will power for Laura to get going for her new journey. With her decision, she joined at university gym accompany with her determination to work things out. She trained about 6 times a week and enjoy weightlifting and bodybuilding throughout her journey. Her seriousness and enthusiasm makes her fallen in her newly found routine in lifestyle.

“I knew that, without the surgery, a slip up might keep me at an unhealthy weight or making losing weight difficult, but after the surgery, a slip up could be incredibly dangerous. Once I was already loving making my changes for myself, I saw no reason to pursue surgery”

Discipline and Determination

“I walked into my college gym with the mindset that, in the weight room, you’re supposed to struggle. It’s supposed to be challenging. If you aren’t or it isn’t, you aren’t working hard enough.”

Though, it was uncomfortable feeling but she had her irrational beliefs threw away. she doesn’t mind what others say or see for she had convinced with full power and strong mind set.



To keep tracking her progress and get motivated, she made her account and then woke up gaining followers that admired her progress. “As a teacher, I recognized the need to share quick, easily digestible, honest information about both the process and the struggle of regaining your health.”

Laura continues to impress the world with her continued successful journey, and enjoys the process of weightlifting and staying healthy. Enjoying the gym and focused on getting stronger and feeling good.


Laura Micetich Before: 6′, 304 lb, size 26
Laura Micetich After: 6′, 190 lb, size 10

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