Posted on Aug 07, 2019

Cheating is the most unpleasant and painful thing in a relationship, especially if you truly love your partner.

Statistic shows, that 25% of men cheat, while they are in relationships or married. For women, this indicator is only 15%. But the most interesting fact is that if a person has cheated in the past, he will do it again. At the same time, about 78% of men are sure that cheating is bad, 84% of women share this opinion.


Though no one is immune to betrayal, psychologists are sure – there are main common reasons for cheating and it’s possible to avoid adultery if take them into account and develop your relationship.

In particular, researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, conducted a survey on predictions of cheating. 123 heterosexual people aged from 17 to 25, all of whom were in relationships, participated in the research. The results were published in the British Journal of Psychology.

According to the study, impulsive people are more prone to cheating, as they do not consider the situation, but go by immediate thoughts and emotions.

Also, people, which have had more sexual partners, are more likely to be unfaithful, because they have necessary behavioral patterns in the area.

Length and depth of a relationship have minimal impact on fidelity when feelings of detachment and low relationship satisfaction are among the top reasons for cheating. Men are more inclined to have sex if they cheat, but both men and women are likely to cheat by kissing.

But people tend to cheat in order to satisfy not only their sexual but also emotional needs.

This was revealed during a survey with 2,000 participants, conducted by popular dating site Ashley Madison. 76% of partners cheated only to satisfy their sexual needs. But 37% of respondents marked that the key reason for adultery was not intimacy, but desire to satisfy their emotional needs.

The study, published in 2012 in the scientific periodical Journal of Sexual Health, also affirms that lack of emotional satisfaction in relationships and desire to establish emotional bond are key reasons for betrayal.


Psychological research, conducted by iD Mobile, British mobile network operator, defines even more specific roots of the problem. Within their #BeUnfaithful campaign 2,000 people took part in the survey.

The statistic is terrible: every tenth partner cheats, and the main common reason is boredom. Two other causes of betrayal are lack of care and absence of love.

The study also discovered, that most often people found out about cheating from their partners. So, 18 percent of respondents admitted that they had felt guilty and as a result had admitted to their partners about the betrayal. But more than a third of the study participants reported that their partners had never found out about the cheating.


If the situation in your relationship is difficult, remember, that cheating is not the right choice, because in such case you only harm a beloved person.

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