Posted on Oct 13, 2018

Astor Alexander, an illustrator from San Diego, cast the Disney Princesses as heroines of the noir cinema films. No pink dresses, mystical villains, animal helpers – only smoke, handsome partners and chic of the 40s.

princesses disney belle and cindarella

Crime dramas of 1940-1950 are characterized by pessimism, cynicism, disappointment in life and distrust of others. According to the assurances of experts and ordinary Internet users, Astor Alexander fully conveyed the atmosphere of the genre and, at the same time, preserved the characteristics of each princess.

Cinderella, The Goddaughter

Belle, Beast Hunter

Tiana, Shadow of New Orleans

Mulan, The Lady from Henan

Jasmine, The Arabian Heist

Ariel, High Sea Robbery

Pocahontas, Private Eye

Aurora, The Long Sleep

Snow White, Miss White & the Unlawful Seven

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