Posted on Mar 22, 2019

It’s the eternal and heated discussion: humans prefer cats or dogs?

According to statistics, dogs are oftener taken to the vet, and dog owners more carefully fulfill medical recommendations for pets, do all preventive measures. From the other side, only 17% of Americans don’t like cats.

12 reasons why dogs are best pets

Furthermore, our emotional bond with dogs is greater than with cats. And this is not all wind and piss, but a scientifically proved fact by recent research.

Colleen Kirk, assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology in the USA, has tried to find out when “psychological ownership” is stronger: in case of cats or dogs?


“Psychological ownership” is a popular concept in marketing, it illustrates that people usually more look after things, which are not only in our possession but belong to us by feel. This feeling can be advanced by control, investment or understanding of the great value of a thing.

The idea of “psychological ownership” in case of pets hearkens back to control issues: dogs are always considered as more controllable, devoted and more attentive to owners than cats.

To study this Kirk defined three key stages:

  1. to find out an association between pets and psychological ownership, simply define whether dogs are more valued than cats;
  2. to understand the correlation between the levels of control/investment and love for pets;
  3. to examine the feelings of people towards pets and their behavior.

what is better cats dogs

The researcher found out that people felt a higher degree of psychological ownership for dogs and were more willing to spend their money on pets care. Also, humans felt more affection towards those pets, which were easier to keep in check. An interesting thing was cleared – if a cat was more obedient the person feels more ownership towards it.


Dogs are easier to control that’s why we have a stronger emotional bond with them and are willing to provide care. Instead, cats are more unsocial and proud so we feel a little bit distance between these pets and us.

But love for dogs can be really obsessive. Earlier sociologists at Northeastern University in Boston, USA have found out that people love dogs even more than other people.

The authors showed people “police reports”, where victims were people and dogs of different ages, and asked to determine the degree of empathy. Sociologists were sure that the level of empathy would depend on the age of the victim, but everything turned out differently.

Dogs and children received approximately the same levels of sympathy. Most of all people sympathized with injured puppies, and the least – adults. The authors of the study believe that this is due to the fact that in the face of pets we see not animals, but family members.


But it doesn’t mean that cats are worse than dogs. People choose pets according to their own preferences and feelings.

A few years ago, American scientists compared the characters of people who loved dogs and cats. The “dog lovers” turned out to be cheerful, calm and conscientious people. Those who loved cats were more creative and enterprising, but at the same time prone to neurosis and anxiety.

And here are 12 reasons why dogs are better than cats:

  1. You can train a dog. Unlike cats, even the most inexperienced dogs could respond to several commands.
  2. Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog, which falls into a fish tank?
  3. A dog will protect you and your home. Also, a dog may save your life. In any case, it will at least wake you up if your house is on fire. A cat will try to escape.
  4. Dogs are active. It’s easier to follow a healthy lifestyle having these pets.
  5. The animals are more adequate. There are many things, to which dogs are indifferent, but cats are crazy about them.
  6. Playing with dogs is much more interesting than with cats.
  7. Dogs feel when you are sad. And they will try to provide comfort for you.
  8. They are positive. These pets think that you are the best person on the planet, even if you are very nasty.
  9. Dogs really listen, what you say. The animals even tilt their heads to figure out what you have said.
  10. These pets are considered as the best friends: they don’t betray and truly serve for years.
  11. They easily adapt to a new place. You can safely decide to move, take the animal with you to vacation or a business trip.
  12. Dogs hear when you call them. Whenever you say the name of a dog, it will always come. When calling a cat, it usually does not run to you.

And what pets do you prefer: cats or dogs? And why?

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.