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When everyone is so busy for their lives, this 33-pound found the best family and take an amazing journey for . Undying love for cats is the reason why Mike Wilson and girlfriend Megan Hanneman create a company to produce wall mounted cat furniture. For deciding to add one more to the family, they found this adorable cat named Bronson and they started to have an amazing journey for him. Let’s move on and see Bronson’s amazing journey.

Bronson and His New Family

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Since Mike and Megan started a company that makes wall-mounted cat furniture designed to promote activity for indoor cats, they decided to bring one cat to join the two cats they already have. And he is no other than a 33-pound cat with brown fur named Bronson. Bronson was only 3 years old and they found that previous owner passed away and concluded that he might have owned by an elderly person who fed him junked from the table.

Adorable Bronson at Home

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The couple couldn’t stop talking that this giant cat caught their eyes and finally took on their way home. The couple found Bronson so affectionate and sweet and when they first petted him, he was happily and adorably kneading his cat bed.

With His Vet

cat, weight-loss

They scheduled to visit a vet for Bronson and found very important news for heavy cats like Bronson to lose weight slowly or else they can get Fatty Liver Disease, which can be a fatal illness. The couple took the overweight cat home as it will be great fun to help the cat lose weight.

Bronson’s Diet Routine

cat, weight-loss

They decided and confirmed that the objective is for Bronson, the 33-pound giant to lose 1-pound of his 33 every month. They have adjusted Bronson’s diet three times since they got him, He’s currently on 375 calories per day.

To keep him fit and achieve losing 1-pound every month, they give him different training routines. Initially, they will make him play while sitting for about 20 minutes a day and they carry him downstairs so that he needed to climb back up to get to his favorite napping spot. Now they make him move a bowl round the house to promote walking.

His Favorite Toy

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While he’s laying down, he played his favorite toy which a tomato filled with catnip that he likes to attack, bite, and kick with his back feet.

Bronson’s Transportation Pillow

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One issue for Bronson is that he’s so large and he carries a lot of weight in his chest, so there’s no great way to pick him up without feeling like hurting or squishing him. They invented the transportation pillow which is actually a pillow only to carry him without making him uncomfortable.

The Adorable and Sweet Bronson

cat, weight-loss

Despite the huddles of carrying and transporting such a huge cat, Mike and Megan are adamant they will attain their goals with their new baby. The couple even decided to open an Instagram account for the cat to track their Bronson’s weight loss journey and it has a little over 13000 followers in two months. Now, the only goal of this couple for Bronson is to lose one-pound every month so he’s on his way to a healthy life. Though, they found Bronson not quite ready to join the other cats in testing the furniture up on the wall, they know he’ll get there soon.

Incredible Weight-loss Journey

They bought Bronson a baby scale and was 31.3lbs for him, which is down .1 lb from two weeks ago.

cat, weight-loss

Starting weight 33lbs.

Current weight 31.3lbs.

Image Source: iambronsoncat

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