Posted on Jan 29, 2019

The British company Virgin Group, founded by Richard Branson, has announced its first cruise liner the Scarlet Lady. It will start the debut journey from Miami (Caribbean) in 2020.

It is the first of three planned Virgin ships; the rest will appear in 2021 and 2022. The Scarlet Lady costs approximately $710 million.

The liner is being created in the rock and roll style, and the heritage of the Virgin brand has become a source of inspiration for all this. Travelers will experience the atmosphere of retro-futurism because of the deep blue iridescent elements in the bathrooms. They will be in perfect harmony with the blue sea behind the ship.

Ship personnel will not practice naming their guests “passengers”, they will be only “VIPs” because everyone will get a transfer from the airport and have an opportunity to create an exclusive route and riders, but definitely in the style of rock and roll. The organizers assure that even the most amazing and unusual requests will be satisfied.

The ship will get a private terrace with hot tubs, large tables, open showers overlooking the sea, airplane platforms. In some cabins, even special medical equipment will be.

According to the liner builder, the Scarlet Lady weighs about 110,000 gross tons, its length is 278 meters, and its width is 38 meters. 2770 passengers will be accommodated in 1430 cabins. And 1160 crew members will be working on the board.

The adorable views on the ocean will greet in 93% of cabins. Also, there will be luxury guest rooms Massive Suites with in-room bars, circular couches and music room stocked full of guitars and amplifiers. For VIPs from luxury rooms private outdoor terrace is anticipated.

All ship’s cabins will be equipped with “smart” technologies, including mood lighting and sensors auto-adjusting the lighting.

More than 20 restaurants and bars will be placed on the ship, but not the traditional buffets or canteens. By the way, the cuisine will also be unusual. It’s planned to serve both as a restaurant and as a culinary school.

For passengers will be offered to choose among Mexican, Korean, Italian, Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisines. But “usual” food as steaks, sushi, pizza, tacos, and burgers also will be available. And if a passenger don’t find anything tasty among all this – it will be possible to choose products and the chef will prepare a special dish according to personal tastes.

By the way, all restaurant food on the ship will be included in the fare without any additional charges. This is another distinctive feature from the majority of ships.

Specially designed outdoor seating areas, including the Athletic Club, an open lounge, where the largest hammock will be located, and nightclubs will also be created on the board.

Additionally, there will be an onboard tattoo and piercing salon Squid Ink, Spa complex with mud and salt rooms, hydrotherapy Jacuzzi, thermal suite, treatment rooms Dry Dock Salon and barbershop.

Disposable plastic devices will be prohibited on the ship. Bottles, straws, cutlery, and other unnecessary packages will not be aboard the Scarlet Lady.

So, as you see, the ritz and style will be in every detail of the Scarlet Lady. And what do you think about this cruise liner? Do you like it?

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