Posted on Aug 13, 2019

More than 6% of the world population are vegetarians. Despite strong creeds, that vegetarians keep this kind of lifestyle for the entire life, the research claims the opposite.

The US Humane Research Council carried a study on keeping low-meat, full-on vegan or vegetarian diets. The study involved 11,000 U.S. participants with different food habits.


The results show that 84% of people, who consider themselves as vegetarians, think about eating meat again. 53% drop this diet in a year, and 30% return to the previous lifestyle after three months.

The main reason for dropping is the lack of support from relatives and friends.

But 16% of the respondents, who have decided to be vegetarians for all life, have a strong motivation. It includes caring about animals, planet and their own health. They also tend to communicate actively with other vegetarians, therefore, have moral support.

The study also shows that the average age, when people decide to switch to a vegetarian diet, is 34 years.

In the United States, 13% of the population consider themselves as vegetarians and vegans, but the number of vegans surpasses the number of vegetarians, and this is the unique case for the entire world. In India, there are at least 500 million of vegetarians. This is explained by the fact that many Indian people adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle since birth.


A plant-based diet has incontestable advantages. It increases mental potential, has the overall positive impact on health.

Vegetarians rarer have such problems as obesity, constipation, indigestion. They do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, oncology and their aging processes are much slower.

Combining a plant-based diet with sports training, for example, yoga, you can achieve incredible results – not only better health but also endurance, strength, vitality. Also, switching to a fruit and vegetable diet helps to prevent diabetes.

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But not everything is so cloudless. Australian researchers have found that vegetarians cut down on alcohol, but 18% of them are more likely to suffer from depression.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health of the United States came to similar results. They have conducted a poll to research how a diet influences psychical life. As a result, those people, who positioned themselves as vegetarians or vegans, were more prone to depression.

The researchers also noticed, that the reason was in the lack of certain elements in a body, which caused depression and even harmed health directly.

Yes, the transition to a plant-based diet is a healthy choice, but only in case of competent balance of the most important nutrients.

The Vegetarian Diet Pros and Cons, a Beginner's Guide and Meal Plan

But often the reality is different. British scientists have affirmed, that 50% of people, which have adopted a vegan diet, have a deficit of vitamin B12. Meanwhile, B vitamins play an important role in mental healthфтв the production of brain chemicals.

And what is your opinion about vegetarianism?

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