Posted on Nov 19, 2019

Vegan Phillip Williams sued Burger King over cooking vegetables and meat on the same grill.

Once he found pieces of meat in his . He ordered Impossible Whopper with vegetable meat at a fast- restaurant in Atlanta. Phillip noted that he would have never eaten a sandwich if it had contained a bit of meat.

Now he claims that Burger King should pay compensation to all people, who have bought Impossible Whopper, and recognize that vegetable meal and meat are cooked on the same grill.

Impossible Foods Inc, which helped to create Impossible Whopper, said that the product was intended for people, who wanted to consume less animal protein, but not for vegans and vegetarians.

But on the company’s web-site, Impossible Whopper is estimated as “100% Whopper, 0% Beef”. In addition, the company has indicated that the restaurant offers a method of cooking without roasting meat.

That’s not the first accusation concerning food safety in such restaurants.

Yes, fast food items are not the healthiest products. But sometimes it’s not about protein-energy ratio, but about storing provisions and preparing food.

Sandwiches, hamburgers, fries and fried chickens contain oxidized cholesterol due to multiple usages of oil. It is very harmful, as it helps to accelerate the development of atherosclerotic plaques on blood vessels.

“I worked at Burger King. Here is how the oil rotation went. You had four vats of oil that you cooked fries in. And boy did you cook fries. Tons of them. After about 2 days worth, the oil got too dark for fries. So we switched it over to the ones for chicken. Since it was darker, it was ok. Then that goes on for a week. After a week of massive frying. The oil is black as motor oil. At that point, it’s switched to the Fish Filet vat. That’s the only thing you cook in that vat”, – wrote Reddit user JohnnyDollar.

A large amount of fats and preservatives, as well as salt and other spices, can be found in fast food. These components hide the characteristic taste of spoiled products, in addition to extending the shelf life of food.

“But I will say that nobody should ever eat the Chicken Salad Sandwich under any circumstance. The Chicken Salad itself is several day-old frozen chicken patties manually stripped of breading, then chopped up and mixed with celery and mayo and whatnot. How anyone can pass this menu item off as healthful is beyond me. It’s nasty”, – wrote Reddit user rapgame.

We often eat fast food on the spot to fit into the framework of a short lunch break. Therefore, it is very difficult for the stomach to cope with large chunks of poorly chewed food, washed down with carbonated drinks.

This food is also energy-dense, so it leads to a rapid increase in body weight.

Eating fast food causes an imbalance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, contributes to obesity. In light of the prolonged intake of such food, the endocrine system suffers greatly.


So if you don’t want to become the “respectful owner” of all the abovementioned illnesses, you should obviously give up on fast food. Try to choose more healthy food or prepare it at home. Especially during summertime in order to avoid food poisoning.

Do you like fast food?

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