Posted on May 31, 2019

What is happiness? At first glance, everyone will have their own answer to this question. But experts studying the phenomenon of happiness argue that there are general trends.

According to the latest studies, the happiest group of people is childless unmarried women. That’s not about those women, who haven’t married yet, but those, who have decided not to burden themselves with family difficulties.


Paul Dolan, professor of behavioral sciences at the London School of Economics, came to this conclusion. He decided to conduct a study, in which different categories of people with different marital status were interviewed: married, unmarried, divorced and widowed.

The aim of the study was to shed light on the behavior of people with or without a partner. As this aspect is usually full of stereotypes, norms and public opinion.

The married group showed the highest rate of happiness, but only when they had to respond in the presence of their lovers. The answers received in private conversation were different and reflected a significantly lower level of happiness. Even lower, than showed unmarried group.

Dolan believes that this is due to the lack of problems and responsibilities that come with marriage and the birth of children.

He also has noted that men usually benefit from marriage: they earn more, risk less and generally live longer. But women get almost nothing from marriage, on the contrary, they have to put up with many unpleasant things.

Earlier studies have shown that about 32% of women in the age of 45-65 feel comfortable alone.


Concerning men, this figure is lesser in almost 2 times – only 19%. Also, more and more people consciously choose to remain without a partner. For example, 75% of single women did not seek a relationship last year.

Along with happiness, there is such a concept as “”. When people each other it doesn’t mean that they will definitely find a way how to reconcile family life, and will be happy together under any circumstances.

Statistics show that unmarried women live longer than those who need to take care of the family.

The logic is simple: wives and mothers have to strain their body much more.

Scientists at the University of Padua, together with colleagues at the Institute of Neurology (Italy), have shown that life expectancy of women in marriage is lesser than life expectancy of men. More than two thousand couples in the age category over 65 years were involved in the research. The study had lasted for four years.

After the debriefing, the scientists have concluded that married women die for 23% more often than widows. This is explained by the fact that women often take upon themselves almost all care about husband and children, and this significantly increases stress.

Yet happiness for each person means something different. If a woman dreams of becoming a mother more than anything else in her life, then no talk about peaceful and bright loneliness will calm her down. The main idea is that everyone needs to live as the heart tells, and not constantly try to return to the time-tested and well-trodden path.

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