Posted on Sep 03, 2019

Scientific and technological progress leaves its marks on all types of human activities, and shoes are not the exception.

Yes, there are a lot of sneakers that connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone and could measure your speed, blood pressure, distance and burned calories. The designers use similar technologies as in sport-bracelets.

But what if we say, that the pair of your shoes could be more useful and universal? For example, sneakers could change color and lace automatically as in “Back to the Future”.

Now the future is here with 5 pairs of the smartest sneakers.

Nike Adapt BB


The key point is that you can re-lace these sneakers while playing basketball – you just click on one of the buttons on the shoe.

Electric adaptable reaction lacing technology is used in Nike Adapt. It defines adjusting the lacing and pressure. The light indicators show when it is necessary to recharge the battery, which capacity is from 10 to 20 days.

Puma Breathing Shoes


PUMA AutoDisc shoes were the first ones with self-lacing technology. The next product – Fit Intelligence – was even smarter, lighter and more commercial. But in cooperation with MIT Design Lab, Puma makes something incredible – the first type of shoes with elements of the so-called biodesign.

The sneakers’ upper is made of a material, moulded to include cavities that are filled with bacteria, which create a unique pattern of air passages. Microorganisms become active when physical activity increases. Also, the sneakers have built-in sensors that indicate information about burned calories and traveled distance. But now the model exists as a prototype product.

Nike Adapt Huarache


That’s a redesign of the original Nike Huarache (1991) with FitAdapt self-lacing technology, which has been already used in Nike Adapt BB sneakers. The pair was presented on August 29, 2019.

The shoes work with Apple Watch and Siri, so you are able just to say “Siri, release my shoes” to unlace the sneakers. There are also different presets for fit styles, for example, tighter fit for training, or looser one for walking.

Adidas EQT Support 93/17 Berlin BVG


This model was created in unlikely collaboration between Adidas and BVG, Berlin’s transport company. The limited release of 500 pairs made people wait in a line for all night long in January 2018.

The sneakers have the same design as the city’s train seats and an annual transit pass is embedded in the tongues of the shoes. So the sneakers are not only pretty but also practical and even cheaper, than annual public transport pass.

Shiftwear Sneakers


These sneakers bring digital to fashion. It’s the unique pair, the color of which you could control by a smartphone app.

The top of Shiftwear Sneakers is made of innovative fabric, which works as LED. Electric impulses are sent to the fibers via Bluetooth, and change in color is provided almost instantly. So, you could change individual inserts, adhesive, logo simply by tapping on your smartphone. The Shiftwear Sneakers, as Puma Breathing Shoes, are also just a concept.

And which of these sneakers would you like to wear?

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