Posted on Oct 28, 2019

2020 is coming, so it’s high time to find out what places are worth to visit next year. Publishing house Lonely Planet has already prepared its annual list of the best tourist destinations for the year ahead.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is the leader of the ranking.

The peculiarity of this direction is the opportunity to walk along uncluttered mountain trails in the company of people, who, as Buddhists believe, are in unique harmony with the environment. Next year Bhutan will completely switch to organic production, this will make the country even more beautiful.

Time-honored England goes second.

There tourists can enjoy picturesque views on the longest coastal trail in Europe, the length of which is almost 3 thousand miles, eat tasty fish and chips and search for marine life in rockpools.

North Macedonia rounds out the top three.

This country is the best place for people, who like gastronomy, ancient traditions, and natural landscapes. The portal advises tourists to try a new hiking trail – High Skardus Trail (495 km), the route of which covers the territory of Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia and is intended for about 20 days.

Aruba, one of the most popular Dutch Caribbean islands, will impress everyone with its bright revival, palm-fringed and pristine beaches, and annual festivities.

Eswatini (former Swaziland) in Africa is worth to visit in 2020. There is possible to experience a new type of tourism, especially if you don’t like crowded places. So you can be the first among your friends to enjoy this perfect mix of nature, peace and exotic culture.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise, which year by year attracts tourists from every corner of the world. There you can hike volcanoes, refortify in yoga retreats, enjoy biodiversity and pure life.

The Netherlands is also in the ranking. The country can impress even the most feather-bedded tourist, especially in April and May. Try to explore attractions beyond the cities and visit the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you want to see the primary rainforest then visit Liberia, the mystery pearl of this list, where you could run into chimpanzees, forest elephants and pygmy hippos.

In Morocco, time-honored attractions and east culture with its rich heritage are blending with nowadays tourist facilities, coastal wellness retreats. And modern high-speed trains will help you to from Casablanca to Tangier in two hours.

Uruguay is the last country of the list with its wine industry, bubbling hot springs and endless rolling rangelands. Welcoming locals will help to experience this country and understand its boundless beauty.

Lonely Planet was one of the first official publishers specialized in producing guides for budget tourists, primarily young people and students. In 2007, the publishing house was bought by BBC Worldwide.

It has published more than 500 books, mainly travel guides, advisers and conversation books. The annual edition of publications is 6 million copies.

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.