Posted on Feb 15, 2019

In the nearest future, we will become witnesses of the Valkyrie superyacht creation, which will be the largest and the most expensive one. Moreover, this entertainment float hub will be affordable not only for millionaires.

Till 2019 the world’s largest yacht was the Azzam, built at the German shipyard Lürssen Werft in 2013. The owner of the Azzam is the UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan. The project of the 180-meter yacht was developed by Nauta Yachts, and its design was done by the famous French designer Christoph Leoni.

The empire superyacht, which costs $600 million, is the epitome of luxury and wealth.

But the post of the record holder has already been backstabbed by the magnificent Valkyrie, designed by South Korean yacht designer Chulhun Park.


In November 2018, the experts at Superyacht Intelligence Agency announced a “dramatic” growth of the yacht market in 2018. According to the report, by the middle of October 2018, nearly 300 superyachts was purchased in the world, while in 2017 249 similar boats had been sold.

The Valkyrie project was the Chulhun’s diploma work at the Royal College of Art in London, where he was obtaining his master’s degree. The project was supported by Monaco-based yacht designers Palmer Johnson Yachts, where Park had worked before moving on to Latitude Yachts, Latvian company.


For 8 months they have been managed to develop a futuristic concept of a three-hull vessel, which is a huge entertainment center afloat. The length of the future yacht will be 229 meters, which is comparable to the length of two football fields or 24 buses, parked along the chain.

The main challenge for Chulhun was the outer appearance of the yacht; he sought to create a one-of-a-kind ship.


Most yachts are pretty monotonous: they are mostly white and resemble a multi-tiered cake. Chulhun tried to replay traditional forms and avoided straight lines in every possible way so that the outlines of the Valkyrie were challenging and playful.

In the capacity of materials, the Park plans to use aluminum and carbon fiber elements to make the ship light, strong and fast. The hull of the future yacht also contributes to this: according to Chulhun’s project, the Valkyrie is a trimaran, and that is, it consists of three hulls – the main and two remote elements (outriggers).

Valkyrie project

Due to this design, the vessel has high stability and excellent seaworthiness, which allows developing a sufficiently large speed without much effort. With the help of two electric motors, the 17 MW Valkyrie can build up speed up to 25 knots (~ 46 km/h). Cruising at this speed is almost 7.5 thousand km.

The Valkyrie is designed for 92 crew members and 52 guests, who will be able to enjoy all kinds of leisure activities.

Bars, spa, casino, theater, restaurant, several galleries, even a helipad will be provided on the yacht. There will be 26 guest cabins and 46 rooms for the crew.

Chulhun expects that yachts’ cruise will be affordable not only for oligarchs in the future. But also people with an average level of material wealth will be able to take advantage of the possibilities of this amazing yacht.

About 800 million dollars are needed for the implementation of the Valkyrie concept in life.

There are no contracts for financing the project and the construction of the superyacht yet. But there are some attractive offers, so perhaps the work on the largest yacht in the world will begin in the nearest future.

And would you like to take a cruise on this superyacht?

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