Posted on Apr 14, 2019

Everyone loves pets, even if it is not a cat, a dog or a rabbit. Sometimes, by chance, you can become the owner of a pet, which you could even imagine. Such a story happened in the USA.


American high school student Payton Dankworth from Ballinger, Texas, has rescued a sick donkey and now she has a new pet and a friend. One day, her friend told, that he saw a frail little donkey, which was left.

Teenager Saved Donkey From Death and Become Mom for It (2)

The girl is a real animal lover. So, her friend asked, whether she could shelter the animal.

“The animal was very exhausted, he looked very bad. Therefore, I agreed and said that I would try to do my best”.

The girl called the donkey Jack.

Payton Dankworth and little donkey

“The first night was the hardest one because I tried to feed him and use the bathroom to find out if everything was alright with his internals if they were not denied. After one day, he finally began to eat from the bottle and going to the bathroom”.

Payton has become practically the adoptive mother for the donkey. But she had no experience of caring for such animals.

Jack has an unusual friendship with Payton’s dogs.

“Jack became so playful! He likes to spend time with my lovely dogs. The donkey is sleeping with me, as he is so small. Every two hours I feed him from a bottle and then take outside for bathroom. Jack even refuses to sleep if there is no dog nearby, he would cry all night!”

Teenager Become Mom for Little Donkey

The donkey is very bored when Payton leaves him, but she is attending lessons, so the girl tries to visit the animal during the lunch break. Jack is her best companion for a walk and traveling, he is always with Payton.

The girl grew up in an ordinary cottage, not at a farm, but around little animals. That is why she has cared for them since childhood and will never leave an animal in trouble. Jack was lucky that he fell into such good hands.

Teenager Become Mom for Little Donkey (2)

Jack not only became Payton’s pet but also inspired the girl to choose her profession. Payton decided to continue helping the animals.

The girl tells that looking at how Jack is getting good and jumping around is the best feeling in the world.

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One more fascinating story about the rescue of donkey happened earlier in Ireland: several people pulled out of the water a runaway donkey in County Kerry.

Because of the terrible flood, the life of the donkey Ahar was under the threat. It took several days to conduct a rescue operation. The men decided to pull the animal out of the water with the help of a boat, rope and a life preserver.

several people pulled out of the water a runaway donkey

The donkey genuinely smiled at everyone, and especially at its owner, after the rescue. The donkey was taken ill of pneumonia after the incident.

Such stories inspire everyone to give good and embrace faith in humanity.

Have you ever rescued animals?

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