Mar 20, 2019

Do you want to earn money and do actually nothing at ? So, this offer is for you!

In Sweden Gothenburg, a new position with salary 2.3 thousand dollars per month will be opened in an art-project  And main responsibilities are simply to turn on the clock at the railway station in the morning and turn it off in the evening.

What to do during the rest of the time – it’s up to the employee.

Swedish Art Projects Offers Perfect Payed Job With Zero Responsibilities

The time clock is connected to the lights above the platform, turning on a stronger fluorescent light – “working light” – means that the employee is at work.

The position provides salary indexation, vacation, retirement, and the opportunity to do what you want during the day. The project will last until the specially created fund runs out of money.

Artists Jakob Senney and Simon Goldin are co-authors of the project named Eternal Employment, which will be implemented within Public Art Agency Sweden.

In 2017 the Ministry of Transport announced a contest for the best new station’s design. And Eternal Employment gained the affection of a special committee due to its creativity.

To implement the new art project, the authors have created Eternal Employment Foundation, from which the salary of the happy employee will be paid. Now the fund has 6 million Swedish crowns – about $650 thousand, but in the future, it will be replenished.

So, the authors of the project claim that this is enough money for a long time, practically for eternity. Herefrom the project title is. According to the calculations, the fund will be able to pay the salary for 120 years or more.

In the face of mass automation and artificial intelligence, many people will become productively redundant, says the proposal. And the employee is claimed to go down in the history of the city.

The artists hope that the vacancy will become a city legend or meme and there will be stories about the person who has been hired forever to do nothing.

The job aims to breathe life into the area with an anti-performance of indefinite duration – “a single person with no script, no climax, no crescendo”.

The authors of the project aim to find the answer to how work and employment will be conceptualized over the next century. Eternal Employment could become a nostalgic memory, a future ruin, a utopian premonition of a post-work society, or all of the above.

Eternal Employment proposes a different understanding of work and raises the issues of growth, productivity, and progress in modern circumstances.

The main restriction is not to take on other paid employment during the working hours of the Eternal Employment position. So how would the person use this time – for studying, entertainment, establishing social contacts, simply laying on the sofa or volunteering?

The experiment is planned to begin after construction and opening of the Korsvägen railway station in Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2025.

Until now, designers have not posted vacancy announcements on job search portals, but you can try to send an application to the mail indicated on the project website.

And would you like to apply for the position? What would you do in free time?

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