Posted on Sep 07, 2018

Crimes are committed every single day, including murder, theft, and assault. People break into homes and cause countless problems for others. And that’s what we think of when it comes to crimes — people.

Actually, a lot of animals are real thieves who steal money and more frequently — food.

But as we’re going to learn, humans aren’t the only culprits. Some of the same crimes for which people have been responsible have also been carried out by animals. Here are someof these cases.

1. Monkey Thieves

They may try to make us sure they’ve passed their driving tests. We never know if we won’t trust and check!

monkey steal

Hopefully, they just want to change the wheels instead of steling them. We’ll never know if we catch.

monkey steal car rim

To have a meal is an important everyday task. This is how a monkey solves it.

monkey steal food

2. Seagulls Thieves

These birds may be spies. Where did they have the trainings?

seagull steals food

So violent! A man on the photo may never believe such exists before.

seagull steal snack

The bird knows how to wait. The women didn’t know it is a local mafiosi.

seagull steal pizza

3. Cats Thieves

Lucky cat – lucky owner. So put the pizza on the shrine.


Hopefully it doesn’t decide to comit suicide. But how could we check? And should we?


Real crime is to spoil cooking the shrimp salad. But this crime is totally tasty!


4. Raccoon’s Robbery

There are no thieves except raccoons. They’re exactly the best in this sphere.

racoon thieve

Watch the most evil carpet robbery in the world’s history. But don’t except the fact it wants to bring it to a washing-room.

racoon stealing carpet

You see, there are too many robbers in animal world. What theft will be the next and how pluffy will be that thief?

For me being myself against all odds is the most important, that’s why I decided to be a publicist. I really believe that everything is possible until you want.