Posted on Jun 25, 2018

problem is something that can never be eradicated from relationships.  This is an aspect in a we all pray never to experience. Therefore before going into any , we should have it behind our mind that issues must surely come up in our relationships and how we handle these issues is what matters the most.  When we talk about issues, we do not refer to just people who are lovers, it also balls down to relationships we have with our friends and even our families.

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Therefore no matter how casual your relationship tends to be, there must surely be issues arising along the line.  Well, it is better you learn the truth than to be ignorant about it, because knowing that issues must arise in any kind of relationship, helps to prepare your mindset towards expecting it at any point in time in a relationship.  That is the main reason why we fail to get along with our partner or friends after we encounter problems in our relationship with them because we fail to prepare for problems that may arise.

Nobody is cool with the idea of running into problems in their relationship, but the fact is that nobody can actually run away from it. The main reason why I want this to stick with you is that it is no strange thing for you to run into relationship issues. I will like to relate a saying to you, which states that ”What goes for the duck is also good for the geese ”  this means that there is someone elsewhere that encounter more serious problems than your in his/her relationship. Now you notice that you are not the only one wearing those shoes, therefore I will like to bring to your notice that relationship issues are one of the characteristics of a relationship and most times it is said that relationships get stronger after experiencing problems in their relationship and are able to resolve it. Because encountering issues with your partner or friend make you understand them more and in return make you learn how to go about your relationship.

You are actually free to pray you do not experience problems in your relationship, but my advice to you is that you should create room for it in your heart when trying to get into a relationship “ I once told a friend that relationship is never a bed of rose”.

I  am not trying to tell you to create a problem for yourself, but to know what to do when it eventually comes and you will help you handle your very well when it eventually happens.

What are the causes of relationship problems?

We already got to understand those relationship problems are inevitable, therefore let us get to know the cause of this relationship issues .causes of relationship problems are much and thereby varies. There is no way we can cover everything in this article, we would only be able to cover a few here. But be rest assured that I will try as much as possible to cover some of the causes of these problems that we tend to neglect. It is until you discover these problems you might not know how to handle them properly.

Below I will share with you some of the reasons why relationship tends to have a problem.

  • Inability to understand yourselves

This is a problem most people encounter in their relationship today which is rampant in a relationship. When you tend not to understand yourselves it will be very hard for both of you to get along and that will result in a continuous disagreement between both of you. This problem has made a lot of people lose their relationship. You have refused to understand your partner, wife, child or parents and that is why it looks as if the issues you are encountering in your relationship will never end.

This actually means that all of you or both of you that are involved in the relationship are seeing thing from a different perspective. When your partner or your friend says “I want to do this” and you say “no don’t do that” if this continues constantly in a relationship, definitely there is no agreement at all, when you look into the kind of relationship you are having now, you would notice there is no sought of agreement between both of you and when this relationship problem continues for a long time, it ends up becoming a serious challenge for your relationship.

  • Inability to tolerate

Let me ask you a question? What is the meaning of tolerance?  This simply means the ability to be able to accommodate, being able to condole the attitude of your partner no matter what it takes. Are you a much-disciplined person who does not take nonsense? Do you find yourself to be someone who does not want to associate with a certain caliber of people?  If you are this kind of person, this things will make you not to be able to accommodate a certain kind of people and when your partner happens to fall in the aspect of people with characters who you cannot accommodate, this will lead to you having problems in your relationship.

  • Lack of finance

I remember there was a time a friend of mine asked this question “Can a relationship be interesting when there is no money” extending her statement further saying “how can we have an interesting date if there is no money”. Well as friends, lover or family members, most times we long to experience good moments and this good moments we tend to experience will cost us money.  Let us imagine your parents when you were a kid takes you to Disney to experience the wonderful things over there and it comes to a time, they stop taking you over there due to lack of money. You will find out as a kid you will stop relating with your parents very and even when your partner also stops taking you out on those wonderful dates due to lack of money, you find out that the relationship starts having issues and end up not being the way it used to be. But that does not mean money matters the most.  You see some wives divorcing their husband just because he is not bringing enough to take care of the home. If you find yourself doing such thing it is better for you to retrace your steps and look for a way to resolve these issues.  Because it is said that the devil you know is better than the saint you do not know.

Handling your relationship problems

Most times in order to  understand your partner, wife, husband or family members, you will need to be able to listen and be patient with them  you also have to learn how to appreciate their input no matter how little it may seem  and try to encourage them when they think they are not putting in much. Also remember that it takes two to agree and if there is no agreement, there might never me a remedy for your relationship.

You also must learn how to accommodate people weakness and see how you can work towards building them up, instead of criticizing them. Because if you keep pointing out their mistakes with time they will no longer be comfortable with you and this may result in issues among you both. Remember nobody is perfect as well as you too.

Not until you deal with your relationship issues, you might not have a sweet and lasting relationship.

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