Posted on Jul 15, 2019

Area 51 is well known U.S. Air Force military installation, located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. Supporters of conspiracy theories believe that the government and security agencies hide alien technologies and conduct experiments on the aliens there.

So enthusiasts are going to stop all this mess. They are preparing to storm the military base under the motto “They can’t stop all of us”. The action is scheduled for September 20, 2019.


The event “Storm Area 51” was created on Facebook several days ago and more than a million people have already been interested in this action.

The goal of the activists is clear – to see the aliens. The organizers offer everyone to gather at Area 51 Alien Center gas station. The tactic of penetration is very simple: “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets”.

But the military officials have already warned that activists will not be able to get to the object.

Ufologists say that it is possible to find not only the spacecraft of an extraterrestrial civilization but also the alien bodies in Area 51. Experts are sure that not only aliens experiment on humans, but humanity also conducts such experiments. Storm of Area 51 is inevitable, according to conspiracy theorists.

Of course, not all these people will visit Nevada and even the base. Moreover, that’s not easy to get to the base. Local law enforcement agencies regularly receive reports that someone has lost in the scorched steppe, far from civilization.

Many people believe that the event is nothing more than a joke.


For example, the phrase “Naruto run” means running at high speed as the main character of the Japanese anime series.

Even a travel company, which offers tours to Area 51, warns that any attempt to get to the base would be “very stupid”. The company said that their driver once accidentally drove into the restricted area and was arrested along with the passengers.

“Area 51 is not a joke. No matter what happens there, people need to remember this is a military object. You will not go far”.

However, the police of nearby villages have already begun to prepare, as they must be able to help those who rashly stuck into inaccessible territories.

The base is mentioned in some science fiction films. For example, in Independence Day (1996) Area 51 was shown as an alien testing laboratory, but the base’s real primary function remains unknown.


The base was opened in 1955, occupies an area of about 1.2 million hectares, and is officially a remote division of the Edwards base.  In 2013 Area 51 was formally recognized as a military base. The airspace above this zone is closed to flights.

Its perimeter is constantly patrolled by armed guards; CCTV and motion-sensor cameras are also used. Signs around the base warn people that a weapon will be used against them.

And would you like to participate in this action?

As for journalist, there is the only rule in my life: “Do, what you can, and always move on”. And this postulate I try to get across to readers.