Posted on Jul 12, 2018

These people are absolutely doing stupid things that brings the Best Compilations. Hold and try not to laugh out loud because you might get punched by people near you, the best is to share the laugh to others! Enjoy this funny compilations of the best slips, falls, crashes, impacts, hits, punches, fights, and bails!

When everything gets back very quick

funny fail

I just ride one-cycle

funny fail compilation

I didn’t expect that

Break dancing to breaking leg

funny fail

Flying Roller Kick on the Move!

funny fail

Never Mind me, I’m just having fun!

B*tch Slap!

funny fail

Swing they said, it will be fun they Said

funny fail

Cart Riding is Fun

funny fail

When karma hits you hard

funny fail

Father and Son Bonding Time!

Funny fail

Shake it off!

funny fail

No one would see me

funny fail

Being a good friend

funny fail

Slide and Slide and Away

funny fail

When life teaches you a lesson

funny fail

Bikini modeling gone wrong

funny fail

Learning lessons the hard way

Yo-yo Master!

Cat Style!

And you taught Gravity is fun?

When the master of ceiling strikes!

Jump like a Man, Land like a Baby

aaaaand He’s gone

That’s why you use pedestrian


night robbers, fail

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