Posted on Jun 05, 2019

Internet users are real professionals when it’s about coming up with some challenges or flash mobs. Some of them begin in a very civilized way, but then turn into a complete game and destroy all good intentions.

But the latest popular and weird one is #vacuumchallenge. From the very beginning, the challenge did not contain anything ingenious or noble.


Someone for some reason decided to get into the garbage bag, pump out the air from there with a vacuum cleaner and call it #vacuumchallenge.

This is how hilarious it sounds, the same it looks in life. But almost everyone who tried to vacuum themselves in a package beamed with pleasure.

People just sit in a spacious garbage bag, only the head sticks out. Putting the hose of a vacuum cleaner inside the bag, they turn on the vacuum cleaner and suck out the air.

The success of the operation depends on many factors: the strength of garbage plastic bag, power of vacuum cleaner, and so on. Therefore, not everyone thrived at the challenge at the first try.

But more often, either on their own or under the influence of parents, children participate in the challenge.

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Most of them, even having got a scare at the beginning, then remain delighted with what is happening.

But nevertheless, the challenge isn’t so risk-free, as it is considered.

Vacuum-sealed plastic blocks an airway, so here is a suffocation risk, even if you get a bag away from the nose and mouth. And not for everyone the experience ends successfully.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke said the challenge could lead to cerebral hypoxia as the action restricts the body. Drowning, strangling, cardiac arrest, head trauma, carbon monoxide poisoning create conditions, appropriate for cerebral hypoxia.

Oxygen deprivation leads to brain cells necrosis. This situation could emerge even after 5 minutes after the oxygen supply has been cut off.

So if you decided to try #vacuumchallenge, please be careful. If you feel inattentiveness, poor judgment and decrease in motor coordination visit a doctor.

Now in , you can find a lot of photos and videos with the hashtag #vacuumchallenge. Many posts are tagged with #binbagchallenge – that’s the British version of the American hashtag.

The challenge has flown by many world media and tabloids, most of which call it new fun, although YouTube has similar videos from 2016.

VacuumChallenge little girl


VacuumChallenge tiny boy

VacuumChallenge mom with kids

VacuumChallenge man

VacuumChallenge funny man

VacuumChallenge falling man


And we suppose, this challenge won’t end up soon. And what do you think about this challenge?

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