Posted on Feb 01, 2019

Tim Clerke from Auckland, New Zealand, found unknown animals in his mother’s kitchen. He could not identify them, so caught the animals on video and posted the question on his Facebook page.

In comments, his friends try to find out what these animals are. Tim told that he had wasted too much time to clarify this and wondered if anyone could do this.

On the video, you can see several creatures on the palm of the man, one of which moves its tail. Strange looking animals have small oblong bodies and long thin tails.

unknown creatures

The main thing is that video has gained near 272 600 views, 170 comments and no one still knows what these creatures exactly are.

Most of the commentators were really scared by seen and said, that this slam video was like a horror film.

Some people wrote that the creatures looked like half of a mouse. One user suggested that those were deformed baby mice, while another floated an idea, that the animals were miniature bats.

One person wrote that he would consider it a montage, arguing that such a thought was the only way he could fall asleep.

Some users affirmed that they had already found something like those creatures before. Others supposed that the animals were syrphids and Tim’s mother had huge pollution problems.

Also, Tim shared the video with entomologists. But even experts are unable to say clearly what these creatures are.

Insect expert Eric Edwards believes that unknown creatures may be the larvae of a rat’s tail. There is a version that Tim has found in the kitchen a new kind of worms. Some scientists believe that mouse’s paws, recently eaten by a cat, move on the video.

But experts from the University of Auckland are certain that Tim still has mounted the video.

That’s not the first time when people find some strange animals.

For example, several weeks ago Travis Power from Broome, Australia, found a mysterious sea creature on the shore. It had a big mouth and a bunch of tentacles.


But as against nowadays situation, scientists determined that Travis had found actinia, but new, unknown species. Actinia is a marine animal whose body is made up of muscles, it is a predator. Many of them are poisonous.

And what do you think, which species of animals the man has found in the kitchen?

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