Posted on Mar 09, 2019

How do you usually imagine ghosts? As some white washy creatures, which should definitely chill you to the bone?

Well, be easy and don’t call Ghost Busters! We recognize: officially, there are no ghosts. But why shouldn’t we dream of how ghosts would look like? If it is difficult to talk about all ones, then what would be your personal ghost?

On Reddit, users have been fruitfully discussing this issue. The author u/Lustrelustre has created a discussion with the question:

“A ghost will haunt you forever. You can choose who he/she was before dying. Who’s your ghost?”.

Typically people want to see their beloved persons, which have gone, cause this is a hope to see them one more time. Also, there were those who would like to have a famous personality as a ghost. Others would not refuse from a personal stylist or a doctor.

We have selected the most interesting answers for you.

I don’t think I’d like a person haunting me, no matter who it was. I’ll take a bear. Having a guardian spirit bear would be badass as hell. (c) SolarisIX 

I’d pick a ghost with crippling social anxiety. That way they will just be super shy and not want to bother or interact with me in any way. (c) walla_walla_rhubarb 

My own ghost. It will cause a rip in time because there will be two of me, one in spirit, and one in physical form. My own ghost will be able to tell me what mistakes I’d be making to make my life last longer, hopefully long enough until the point when we will have a time machine, so I or my ghost can go back in time to save Chris Farley from dying. (c) gregogree

Einstein would be my first pick but any genius with unfinished work like Mozart or Tolkien would be awesome because you’d get to finish it for them and offer their work to the world. (c) atf2n3rd

Samuel L. Jackson so he can always read me “go to fucking sleep” and say “English motherfucker do you speak it” just so that I can have that great ghost. I need a healthy dose of “motherfucker” in my narrative. (c)  CobaltBlock

I’d be taking Freddie Mercury cause then I’d get amazing fashion advice and get to hear amazing singing basically whenever. (c) Grant_Manning

Trump. “This has been the worst haunting in the history of hauntings, maybe ever”. Ghost Trump sounds like an animated Comedy Central show that lasts one season. (c) PostedIntel

Stan Lee, duh. YES! Although he wouldn’t have to haunt me 24/7, just randomly show up during life’s events to make a clever quip in some bit part like a bus driver or janitor. It would basically make my life a Marvel movie. (c) iKILLcarrots

For me, it would be somewhat personal. Though it would be tempting to consider various historical figures, artists, and others I would pick my Dad. He died when I was 16 so I would pick him so we could catch up on things between then and now and he could give me sage dad advice that he missed out on. (c) JustBored200

David Attenborough: “And here you can see a confused young lady in her natural habitat. Surrounded by mountains of uni assignments the fear in her eyes is visible and quite real.  Her young age and child-like behavior are clearly displayed at this moment as she struggles and argues with herself whether or not she should view yet another criticism of her actions”. (c) 4n31a

Gillian Anderson, so I can be Fox Moulder. I’ll keep coming up with half-assed alien and monster theories and she can be all like nah fam science says blah blah because at that point I usually stop paying attention. (c) fatboyonsofa

This heated discussion received more than 16,000 comments. And now, what would your personal ghost look like? Tell us in comments!

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