Posted on Sep 02, 2019

More than a million people have common plans on September 20, 2019: they are going to storm Area 51, well-known U.S. Air Force military installation, located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada.

It’s believed, that the government and security agencies hide alien technologies and conduct experiments on the aliens there. So, the special event, named “Storm Area 51”, has been created on Facebook.

The goal of the activists is clear – to see the aliens. The organizers offer everyone to gather at Area 51 Alien Center gas station. The tactic of breaching is very simple: “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets”.

Ufologists are sure, that people could find not only the spacecraft of an extraterrestrial civilization but also bodies of the aliens there, as not only aliens experiment on humans.

At the same time, the police warn people about all risks – Area 51 is, first of all, military object, so it’s the well-secured place. But officers of nearby villages have already begun to prepare: Area 51 is located in inaccessible territories, so the police must be able to help people.

Though many people consider the storm as a big joke and the military officials have already warned that activists will not be able to get to the object, internet users have created a lot of memes about Area 51 storm.













And would you like to participate in this action?

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