Posted on Jul 18, 2019

Nowadays a toxic relationship happens often. Offensive behavior, manipulations, total fear and gaslighting are among the main features of such partnership. A person gets hooked on this type of romaunt and it’s difficult to curb the vicious circle.

In this light, every couple should strain after a balanced and respectful partnership. Colleen Clark Lay, a licensed clinical social worker, defined main features of a healthy relationship.


The main thing is a healthy way to communicate as addressing disagreement plays a pivotal role in a relationship. You shouldn’t avoid problem issues, as in such case they won’t go away.

In a healthy relationship, no partner benefit from discontent and differences fester.

So the main keys here are a calm way of communication and readiness to listen. The last one helps to understand what actually your partner needs.

Also, the specialist tells, that every partnership consists of three parts: you, partner and the relationship. You should keep in mind all three components and found a balance between them.

Marnie Christensen, program director at Advocates of Routt County, also keeps this point of view – the basis for healthy relationships should cross all these three components.

Also, she adds one more feature: each person should have a possibility to express himself in a relationship and feel comfortable in these conditions.

Earlier Sharon Martin, a psychotherapist from California with 20-year-experience, defined the most common characteristics of a healthy relationship.

1. and care

Sincere mutual love is the most important thing in a healthy relationship. Partners take care of each other in word and deed.

2. Honesty

Partners do not lie to each other and do not hide the truth. Such relationships are transparent; there is no place for deception.

3. Acceptance

If you hope to change your partner, you don’t love him. You simply should take him for who he is. A person can change, but only because of own aspirations.

4. Respect

Mutual respect means that partners take into account each other’s feelings. They are willing to listen and respect the point of view of their partner.

5. Mutual aid

Partners have common goals. They do not try to put a spoke in each other’s wheels, do not compete. Instead, mutual relations and mutual support reign in the partnership.


6. Physical and emotional safety

Partners do not feel wary or tense in the presence of each other. They know that can reckon with certainty on a partner in any situation.

7. Mutual trust

This aspect makes communication deeper, you could share the most intimate thoughts and secrets without fear of condemnation.

8. Support partner’s individuality

In a healthy relationship, partners could free-and-easy set own goals and achieve them. They have personal time and personal space. Partners support each other and are proud of each other.

9. Expectations

The expectations of both persons should be realistic. Because exaggerated ones bring disappointment.

10. Forgiveness

In any relationship, partners could misunderstand and hurt each other – this is inevitable. But the main part is forgiveness. No one is ideal.

11. Discussing conflicts and contradictions

To talk about problems is the pillow of any relationships. But everything should be done in a respectful fashion.


12. Happiness

Yes, a relationship is hard work, but they should also bring joy and happiness. First of all, it should be comfortable for you.

And what is a healthy relationship for you? Tell us in comments!

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