Posted on Nov 05, 2019

Keanu Reeves hides the details of his personal life. But he was noticed with a new girlfriend a second time in a year.

On the red carpet of the LACMA Art + Film charity festival, the 55-year-old actor appeared with artist Alexandra Grant. At the same time, the couple kept holding hands and practically did not move away from each other.

Reeves was decked out in a classic black suit and black shirt. His companion wore a navy long dress with a deep neckline.

Representatives of the media and fans of the actor immediately attributed them to romantic feelings.

According to insiders, at the event, Keanu and Alexandra had fun in the company of friends and took joint pictures on their phones. The actor introduced her to his colleagues, including Will Ferrell, who came to the event with his wife.

Alexandra Grant is a 46-year-old artist. She creates art projects in various forms – like sculptures, paintings, video. Her works were exhibited at the Los Angeles MOCA, USC Fisher Museum of Art and LACMA, as well as at the Venice Biennale.

Reeves and Grant have known each other for a long time: in 2011 they worked together on the actor’s book Ode to Happiness, and in 2016 on his other book Shadows. And more interestingly, Alexandra is engaged in the design of books, so, in 2017, Grant and Reeves founded the small publishing house X Artists’ Book.

They appeared together several times at social events, but only as friends.

But last month they had dinner together in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles, and everyone noticed that the actor and his companion didn’t act like friends. She whispered something all the time in his ear and obviously flirted with him. And at the exit from the restaurant, the paparazzi caught them at the moment when Alexandra laid her head on Keanu’s shoulder. Reeves then claimed that he was free, and Grant was only his friend.

In December 1999, the actor and his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn daughter. Two years later, Syme died in a car accident. Since then, Reeves has not made official statements about his personal life. In such a fashion, he acts now.

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