Posted on Jan 23, 2019

Laugh not only sustains life but helps you to build a healthy and happy relationship. And this is scientific-based fact.

Recently, Jeffrey Hall, the associated professor from the University of Kansas, has published an article “Humor in romantic relationships: A meta-analysis” in the journal Personal Relationships. It was the summary of his 30-years research, in which 15,000 people had participated.


The key point of this research is that humor has a pivotal role in a successful and happy relationship. And shared laughter is the main feature of romantic appetency.

And Jeffrey Hall isn’t the only scientist, who has come to such results. Earlier, the group of researchers from Appalachian State University has arrived at the decision, that making fun of each other is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Also, British scientists have analyzed how humor helps to strengthen a relationship. The psychologists from the Aberystwyth University are sure, that only good humor has a positive effect, but mockery and ridicule can play a cruel joke.

In marriage, a sense of humor also helps. For example, wives feel happier with cheerful husbands. Scientists also noted that for men, this feature in a woman is not so important.

The ability to laugh together, and even at ourselves, makes us closer to each other. When your lover is joking, and you understand the joke from a half-word and a slight smile appears at the corners of your lips – this feeling of mutual understanding brings together and strengthens relations.

When we laugh with our beloved person, we forget about the difficulties and enjoy life. Humor in a relationship gives it lightness and adds zest.

Of course, realistic self-perception is a very important quality in all areas of life. And from relatives, we expect a biased, exceptional relationship. They have to praise, admire and always be on our side.  The main thing is that the feeling of importance and “affection” should not be lost. And while admiring, we slightly exaggerate.


However, it is important to remember that enough is as good as a feast, and it is necessary to joke too skillfully. One wrong word and the joke can turn into a grudge. It is better not to touch the sensitive sides, such as appearance or character.

Experts also note that humor helps to avoid heart disease, as well as to prevent conflicts.

Even Hippocrates 2000 years ago noted that a lively and cheerful conversation at dinner promoted good digestion. This is true, although it is not necessary to laugh at dinner.

When a person laughs, the body produces various hormones, for example, endorphin, the so-called happiness hormone. Laugh helps to fight stress, improves blood circulation and immunity.

In some countries, laughter yoga has already been practiced – this is a special therapy, through which it is possible to alleviate or even cure certain diseases.

Also, when we laugh, the nervous system and brain receive impulses that have a beneficial effect on the entire body. People, who are often laughing, sick much less, and they simply don’t know about depression.

When we laugh heartily, the abdominal muscles tighten, and this helps to remove toxins from our body. So laugh is a kind of gymnastics for the intestines.

Infections and colds recede before a merry laugh, because it promotes the production of antibodies that protect us from viruses and bacteria, and also increases the number of white blood cells that fight inflammation and even cancer.

So, laugh for life and be happy together! And share your secrets of happy relationships in comments.

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.