Posted on Jan 30, 2019

Do you want a huge nice house in Canada just for nothing? You have such chance: Canadian woman Alla Wagner is selling her $1.3 million house for $19.

And this is not the joke. The relevant contest started on January 5th and would last 3 months.

The house is situated in Millarville, Alberta. It has 360 square meters of floor space, three bedrooms, a one-acre lot, a pond, and a wine cellar. All rooms are well-equipped and cabinet finished.


The contest was organized because of Alla’s poor health. For the woman, to gain the upper floors is becoming unreal. So Alla wants to be sure, if anything crops up, her house will be in the right hands.

The entrance fee is really small. It is estimated at $100 and above at the similar contests. Alla decided to set such value because of the slow economy.

The main terms and conditions are:

  • You have to be 18 or more years old.
  • Pay $19 entry fee.
  • Write a short one-page story about yourself and reasons to participate in the contest. You should specify why you are the best candidate for winning the contest. Additionally, write your contacts.
  • Send cheque about the transaction and your story on

The submission period will end when the total sum of contest fees becomes $1,300,000.00. 5% of NET profits from the contest will be donated to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

The woman has chosen this organization, because when she was homeless and abused many years ago, Alla found shelter there. Now she expects that her donation will help other people, which are in a sticky situation.

The process of choosing the winner will be organized in two stages. Firstly, the best stories will be put in the semifinalist list. Then they will be published, and everyone will be able to vote for the finalists. It is planned to select 500 finalists, among which special commission will define the winner.

But if the necessary amount of entrance fees doesn’t get a chance to gather, the contest will be canceled and every participant will receive the refunding.

Furthermore, it seems that there won’t be such problems. Daily the woman receives from 500 till 700 submission letters. She got 900 letters only for the first contest day.

Alla has said that on this stage she tries not to count letters, but concentrates on getting up to date.

On the Facebook Page Write a Letter, Win A House Alla is publishing all current information about contest and posts photos of the house.

This is not the first such contest. The woman was inspired by the essay writing competition in 2015 for transferring the ownership of the Center Lovell Inn in the USA. Also, she gained passion from the Spitfire Grill movie, where a contest was organized to find a new owner for a cafe.

Yes, past contests had some organizational problems and did not go smoothly; there were always squeals and investigation whether contests were legal. But we hope that this one will be successful.

And would you like to participate in this contest?

As for journalist, there is the only rule in my life: “Do, what you can, and always move on”. And this postulate I try to get across to readers.