Posted on May 13, 2019

In our modern world, you need to know not only how to earn money, but also how to save it and spend correctly.

To improve financial well-being, you just need to follow the simplest rules, and you will never have financial problems! Remember: money comes to those people, who know how to properly handle it!

These simple ways will help you cut back on spending and no longer waste your money.


How to plan your budget properly

You must understand that your financial budget works only for you, and financial well-being can depend only on you. And it’s possible to avoid unnecessary expenses if the budget is properly planned. Here are the main -hacks in this area.

  • Use bank cards as rarely as possible. The constant use of bank cards is fraught with loss of control over expenses.
  • Do not withdraw money from an ATM of another bank, because in such case you will pay commission.
  • Plan your expenses. Start with distributing your earnings in different envelopes: for transport, food, entertainment and so on.
  • Divide the price of products in your day’s wages. This is the best way to avoid expensive purchases.
  • Make a list of things that you need to buy as soon as possible, and stick it on the mirror or refrigerator. When this list is in front of your eyes, you automatically avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Take lunch at work/school with you. If you buy food at work or at university, it will cost you a decent amount.
  • People, who go to the grocery store with a list and buy only what they plan, spend much less money than those who decide what to buy on-the-spot.

  • Plan gifts. This will give you more time to find not only a useful but also an inexpensive gift. And also, it will allow allocating money for its purchase in advance.
  • Discuss spending limits with family members. Savings are a collective matter, only in this way it will give a tangible result.

How to save money on purchases

The next stage is proper expenses of money and the main test here is not to waste all salary on the day the eagle flies.

  • Renounce buying the branded products, instead choose unadvertised counterparts. The quality is the same, but the price is definitely lower.
  • Buy only those products, which you really need. Often, buyers purchase something only because of a discount.
  • Don’t neglect online shopping. The lower price and time saving are the obvious advantages.
  • Take advantage of the services of the store. Usually, supermarkets cut the purchased product and wrap it for free.
  • Try joint purchases. Many stores offer a 1+1=3 scheme so you can cooperate with other users for buying identical items and then share the discount.
  • Talk with sellers in the market and feel free to bargain. Remember, do not go to the markets at the weekend – prices are higher in several times.
  • Do not buy food at petrol stations. If you go on a long journey, you will definitely want to eat, so take water and sandwiches from home.
  • You should not go to the supermarket if you are hungry. In this case, your brain becomes greedy for unreasonable purchases.
  • Don’t buy perishable foods. Such product will spoil tomorrow.
  • If you are an ardent coffee lover, buying a coffee machine will be a cheaper option for you.

  • Do not create a dimensionless wardrobe. While buying something, previously think whether you really need these clothes.
  • Buy clothes on sales. There is a huge price in price, but no difference in quality.

How to spend money on apartments properly

You should review whether you use your accommodation space properly, as a big part of your budget accrues to housing. Pay attention to these main tips.

  • A large percentage of utility payments relates to heating and electricity. If you save on cheap windows and electrical appliances – your money will drain away from you, hour by hour.
  • Don’t get carried away with cleaning products. In fact, you can buy universal ones or use improvised items.
  • Do not pay for space that you do not need. Don’t rent a whole apartment only for yourself, if you can rent a large room and save money.
  • Live relatively close to your workplace. Although it is not always possible, but in such case, you will save on transport.
  • Adjust your home to the weather conditions. Close all the holes and cracks that allow cold air to enter the house in winter and hot in summer.
  • Properly use electrical appliances. For example, charging for a phone or tablet, inserted into the outlet in vain, continues to spend electricity.
  • It is better to use energy-saving light bulbs than ordinary ones. It is also worth thinking about bedside lamps.

And maybe the most important thing is to have a great dream or reason for money-saving, that’s the huge dose of motivation.

And what are your effective money-saving tips?

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