Posted on Dec 08, 2018

We’ve never been taught the skills of a good kiss, so have to improve ourselves in this matter through trials and errors. By the time of conscious age, of course, a certain experience appears, however, some doubts still remain.

We decided to find out everything and made 25 rules for an unforgettable kiss.

With them, you will feel like a real guru.

How to Kiss Better - 25 Kissing Tips and Tricks

1. Fresh breath.

It is a right thing to check your breath before going on a date. Morning tooth brushing does not guarantee fresh breath during the day, even if you have not eaten anything at all.

2. Relax.

Nerves will not make your kiss more sensual, but it can easily worsen the impression.

3. Seductive lips.

If your lips are chapped, dry or cracked – better end the date or try to avoid the kiss that day. Bright lipstick and gloss look pretty, but your partner is unlikely to be happy with the prospect of smearing in cosmetics.

5. Do not overdo.

French kiss is very passionate, but not suitable for the first time.

6. Remember about the hands.

During a kiss, you can quite raise the degree of sensuality with your hands: just hug your partner or put your hand on cheek, neck or hair. The main thing is not to leave your hands just hang out.

7. Smile.

If after a kiss you smile – your mistakes will be forgotten.

8. Eye contact.

When you lean towards a kiss, you can’t talk, so why not say it through eye contact?

9. Pay attention to the atmosphere.

Whether it’s candles, a tent under the stars, the ocean, or a sudden rainstorm, a special new environment makes the kiss interesting.

10. Be spontaneous.

Kisses are all about sharing back and forth, so feel free to relax and experiment with different styles of kisses to keep things interesting.

11. Watch each other signs.

In good kiss partner’s movements are reflected. Pay attention to what your partner does and imitate.

12. Give positive feedback.

To kill the premonition and nervous vibrations, give the other person positive feedback. So that your partner will feel good after the kiss.

13. Harmony.

Borders are important – you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same wave.

14. Remember about pregame.

Before a kiss, bend over and quickly touch your partner lips. Take one or two pauses to bask in the reaction.

15. Kisses are not everything.

Kisses are amazing, but there are so many other ways to show affection. Hold partner’s hand. Say something unexpected.

16. Close your eyes.

Seriously, there is no reason to open your eyes! It just makes things super awkward and kills the mood.

17. Increase pressure.

A little impact will make your kiss more passionate and strong. But remember about No. 5 advice!

18. Kiss with closed lips.

If you are just learning to kiss well, then you should try a kiss with your mouth closed.

19. Become one with your partner.

Kiss is a personal thing. It allows making the partner closer to you. This means that you should gel with your partner.

20. Keep excess saliva with you.

Yes, by the way, your attempts to make drunk your partner with your saliva can end in disappointment.

21. Extend the usual framework.

You can kiss not only on the lips but also on the eyes, forehead, nose, neck, shoulders. The main thing – do not hesitate for a long time.

22. Excessing of food/liquids during the kiss.

This thing is an amateur. If you tried, but the idea did not receive support from your partner, it is better to refrain from repeated attempts for some time.

23. “Eskimo kissing”.

A slight rubbing of noses is quite good as a final chord for an ordinary kiss.

24. Give each other time.

Haste makes waste. Do not hurry, take the initiative and push your partner to the next step – this can drastically push a person away. Relax and surrender to the sensations, and let the whole world wait!

25. Bite gently.

As a variant, you can bite your partner’s lips. But really, be careful. It should not be painful!

26. Don’t be silent.

Whisper gentle words, compliments, especially nice they sound on the exhale.

27. Breathe through the nose.

As that the kiss was long, so breathe deeply and through the nose. And do not accelerate breathing, otherwise, the head can spin up due to an excess of oxygen and feelings.

28. Proper head tilt.

This awkward moment when you lean in one direction. This problem is easy to solve, because according to statistics, most often people turn their heads when kissing to the right.

29. As in films!

You can use scarves or other fabrics to playfully attract a girl. In such cases, the fabric is enveloped around the back of the neck or waist.

30. Don’t consider too much!

The main rule – you have to feel your partner and moment. If you feel, that it’s a proper time – kiss without any consideration on techniques!

So, we hope these pieces of advice will help you! And what are your secrets of unforgettable kiss?

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.