Posted on Apr 03, 2019

True is not only about happiness and family but also about health and self-estimation. We often have the stereotype that a lonely person is obviously old and with poor health. But the reality is different.

George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, Canada, made a survey on loneliness rates among adults. The results show, that among 1,200 patients at primary care offices, 20 percents fell lonely.

Loneliness was more often feeling among people younger than 25 and regards only 11% of adults older than 65.

Earlier researchers found that among 20 000 U.S. adults approximately half felt lonely at least sometimes. 53% had face-to-face interactions every day.

So the scientists are pointing a national “loneliness epidemic”, not only in social aspects. Loneliness leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia and depression, negatively influences both physical and mental health.

Yes, each of us needs a beloved partner, but find this person is not the easiest task. So, here are 15 proven tips that will help you find your love.

1. Become more social

Try to have some activities outside the usual places: office, home, sofa. Attend not just cinemas, but discussions, workshops, etc. Communicate not only in social networks.

2. Say “No”

If you do not feel, that person is interested in you, – do not waste time. With such one, you will always feel lonely. Try to find exactly the right person, but not anyone.

3. Check out your love life

Three stages are needed here: realize that concrete relationship is over, review your experience and assess your surrounding persons.

4. Leave the stereotypes

Free your mind from advertising and movie-imposed stamps. Do not look at a partner through the signboard of work or attractiveness. Base your choice on sensation and intuition – whether this particular person gives you a feeling of happiness.

5. Meet your friends more often

Even having a partner, don’t forget your friends. Furthermore, they can point on some person’s features, which you have not noticed yet.

6. Stop comparing yourself with married persons

Recognize your right to build your relationships according to your pattern. Let it have more freedom, peace and other nice advantages.

7. Make yourself the rules of online dating

If during messaging on the dating site, you are interested in each other – don’t temporize. Make an appointment – it will help to know more about the person.

8. Don’t be afraid of alone vacations

It’s a nice way to find new friends, discover new cultures and, maybe, find your love. But be careful every time and critically look at people and situations.

9. Don’t bother

Do not turn evenings in psychoanalytic sessions. Do useful things: go to the gym, visit parents, and meet friends. Otherwise, your fear of being lonely will play a bad joke with you.

10. Open your heart

Happiness can come to you in a completely unexpected way – because you meet it for the first time. Do not scare!

11. Try to find the reasons for your loneliness

The roots may be in your psychology or fears. Sometimes such reasons make it difficult to find “your” person.

12. Resolve the reasons you’ve found

The next step is to settle these problems. If you can’t do this by yourself, visit a psychologist or tell your friends about problems.

13. Be positive

No need to despair, grieve, scold your life or get depressed, try to be more cheerful, smile more often. By the way, a smile attracts and draws people together.


14. Find out what person you are seeking

Define those character features, which attract you most of all. Even make some checklist. On the other hand, create a portrait of a person, with which you definitely don’t want to be together.

15. Be realistic in your expectations

Unrealistic expectations can cause deep disappointment. Excessively high demands lead to feeling, that you will not find anyone who fits your ideal.

And what is your way to find love?

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.