Posted on Dec 01, 2018

Often we cannot fall asleep because of thoughts that buzz in the head but also worries about the events of the day, emotions, impressions, excitement … We are laying in the bed, trying to fall asleep, but without any success!

How can you calm down all this? Here are 23 techniques to help you fall asleep very quickly. The perfect thing: all these tips really work! So you’ll forget about insomnia forever!

Also, we’ll give some recommendations on how to prepare properly for sleep.

techniques to sleep

1. Ball

We all know about the sheep. But the ball is a much more efficient visual image. Imagine a ball that sways smoothly, spreading waves around it. If you notice that you are distracted by thoughts, immediately return to the image of the ball.

2. Mental mouse

Imagine some object. Mentally distance, zoom in and rotate it as if doing it with the computer mouse. Building a detailed visual image helps to distract from disturbing thoughts. Just do not discuss with yourself the features of the subject – simply watch.

3. Scout method

Lie on your back, stretch, relax. Roll your eyes under closed eyelids. Do not overdo it – your eyes should remain relaxed. This is the natural position of the eyeballs during deep sleep.

4. Four – seven – eight

Inhale through your nose for four seconds, then hold your breath for seven seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth in eight seconds. Thanks to this breathing, the level of adrenaline will decrease, and the pulse will slow down. And the concentration on the breath will distract from the thoughts.

5. Autogenic training

Lie down comfortably on your back. Stretch and begin to spread a feeling of heaviness and warmth through your body. Watch how the sensation spreads from the head to the tips of the fingers, then to the legs. Do not forget about the face – the chin, cheekbones, eyes, and forehead should be completely relaxed. Try not to move.

6. Time machine

Remember the past day. Without emotions and ratings, simply scroll through the events that happened to you today. Try to remember more details, but watch from the side as if you are watching a movie.

7. Restore dreams

Remember one of the pleasant dreams that you have seen. If you do not remember dreams – think up. Pay attention to the sensations, complete the picture. This is your dream, and it can be as perfect as you want. It is possible that, asleep, you will find yourself in it again.

8. Blinking the opposite

Close your eyes. Open your eyes for just a split second and close again. After 10 seconds, repeat. Thanks to this “blinking” you will relax and do not begin to plunge into distracting thoughts.

9. Rapid eye movement

Open your eyes and quickly look from one object to another. Do not keep your eyes on anything specific. After 1-2 minutes, you will feel your eyelids becoming heavier. Resist fatigue a little more, and then let your eyes close.

10. Fairytale

Many parents are familiar with the situation: when you tell a child a fairy tale, you yourself begin to nod. Tell a story to yourself. Come up with any, even the most delusional, plot – let it develop on its own.

11. Word game

Think of three letters word for each letter of the alphabet, then four letters words, and so on. Do not try to analyze – count the first word that comes to your mind. From such a boring, monotonous activity, the brain usually “switches off” rather quickly.

12. Trying to hear silence

Lie down in a comfortable position and listen to silence. Try to hear exactly the silence – not extraneous sounds outside the window. This is not very easy, but as soon as you succeed, you will relax and fall asleep.

13. White noise

Find (or create) a source of quiet monotonous noise. Listen to it very carefully, not allowing yourself to be distracted by thoughts. After a while, you will begin to nap.

14. Self-hypnosis

Relax in a comfortable pose for you. Calm the breath. Then repeat to yourself the phrases like “I am becoming more and more relaxed”, “My body is getting harder.” Then say (to yourself) “When I count to zero, I will fall asleep” and begin a slow countdown.

15. Breathe through the left nostril

Yogis believe that breathing through the left nostril can help lower blood pressure and calm you down.

16. Try not to fall asleep

Keep your eyes open and say to yourself: “I will not fall asleep!”. If you tell yourself not to sleep, your body will fall asleep very soon.

17. Press on “sleep points”

Place your thumb on the point between the eyebrows at the top of the nose. Press on this place for 20 seconds, release and repeat twice.

Then, sitting on the edge of the bed, put your right foot across your left knee and press the point between your big toe and the next. Hold this place for 20 seconds, release and repeat twice.

Sitting in this position, find a point above the nail of the second toe of the right leg. And press on this point. 3 times for 20 seconds.

18. Write a to-do list

Often people cannot fall asleep because they think about tomorrow’s plans. If you throw out the thoughts from your head and put them on paper, your sleep will become more qualitative.

19. Dream correctly

It is best to dream by using three senses: imagine smells, tastes, tactile sounds, and visual these pictures.

When you imagine yourself basking on the sea, you can feel the breeze, the cries of seagulls and the sensation of salt on your skin.

This is a strong meditation that will help you sleep sweetly.

20. Read a fantastic book.

Distract your mind by transferring yourself to a fantastic universe. Give up the TV before bed and read a book.

Just do not read too much. If you consider yourself a book lover, take something boring to read so you don’t spend the whole night on a book.

21. Take a bath

We agree, this method is not so fast, but pleasant. Taking a bath will help you relax and relieve tension before bedtime.

22. Exercise

To fall asleep in the evening without problems, the body needs physical activity during the day. Sport is better in the morning and if in the evening, then no later than 8 P.M., and better swimming, yoga, and stretching.

In any case, do not forget to properly prepare for bed!

The classic rule – the last meal should occur 2-3 hours before bedtime. However, if you are used to eating often, the feeling of hunger will not let you fall asleep in the same way as a full stomach. In this case, drink milk, eat half a banana or a small amount of cheese an hour before bedtime.

For a good sleep, you need to move during the day (preferably in the open air). Develop the habit of walking before bedtime. Even a 20-minute walk will help to distract from the tasks and prepare the mind for sleep.

Be sure to ventilate the room before bedtime. It is better if the window is ajar throughout the night. But if you are afraid of freezing, at least, well ventilate the room before you go to bed.

And what are your secrets for falling asleep?

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