By Valery
Posted on Jul 12, 2018

For ten years, experts led by Dr. John Kelly of Ireland studied the effects of different foods on development and found that a person is able to achieve a good effect in the treatment of if stop consuming animal protein. The use of animal protein can cause an increase in the rate of development of malignant tumors, as scientists have found.

vegan food

Proteins of animal origin are:

  • Beef or pork meat
  • Bird
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Dairy produce
  • Bollocks
  • Cheeseе

Previous studies have shown that cancer in 70-90% of people is related to the environment and 35-36% of the diet is caused by the prevention of cancer. The authors strongly recommend to take seriously what we drink and eat as food.

If everyone thinks about how he eats,the cancer can be defeated forever. Scientists have told what products you need to use to support your body.

  1. Whiskey (to use it in large quantities is not necessary),but a moderate amount of alcohol increases the level of high density lipoproteins (or “good” cholesterol) in the body. Whiskey contains high levels of ellagic acid. It is an antioxidant capable of destroying pathogenic cells that provoke heart disease and cancer.
  2. Desserts.Not the most useful food, but it is about mental health,and if you deny yourself sweets,it leads to breakdowns and overeating, as well as fraught with loss of strength and bad mood.
  3. Palm oil has become one of the most common and cheap types of vegetable fat in the world. It contains many antioxidants-carotenoids, which have a positive effect on weakened hair and skin. Palm oil is a record holder in vitamin e content, which includes tocotrienol and tocopherol. They fight free radicals that cause cancer.
  4. Popcorn is rich in fiber, which improves the digestive system and lowers blood sugar. The presence of polyphenols in corn makes popcorn one of the most useful snacks. Polyphenols have an antioxidant effect and have a beneficial effect on the skin, as well as protect the body from numerous diseases.
  5. Yeast inhibits healthy intestinal microflora, increases the risk of cancer and actively multiplies in the gastrointestinal tract-these are the most popular myths about this product. But in the process of baking yeast die because of the effects of high temperatures. Therefore, bakery products are safe in this sense.
    In defense of yeast is to say that they receive b vitamins necessary for the regulation of metabolism and the nervous system. Plus they have 16 different amino acids. The ideal team for building and muscle recovery.

You may notice that the products from this list are among the most loved by mankind.And now in the company of friends drinking whiskey think only about how your body is getting healthier.