Posted on May 15, 2019

The daily life of a modern person is full of emotions and events. Often, we face up with stressful situations, which could leave a mark on our health.

Inability to cope with stress negatively affects our well-being, but this situation could be corrected. Here are 20 effective psychological ways how to deal with stress.


1. Accept the fact that stress cannot be avoided.

Stress happens and can destroy all our plans. You shouldn’t deny these unplanned bad surprises, but you have to know what to do in such cases. And accepting is the first step to normalizing the situation.

2. Find out the source of stress.

When a person experiences stress, it seems that absolutely everything is bad. However, the primary cause of stress is most often just one factor. Identifying it, you could quickly return to normal well-being.

3. Use stress management strategies.

Scientists are sure, that the most effective stress management strategy includes setting exact goals, solving current problems, identifying negative thoughts, time for rest and time management.

4. Take control of the situation.

Strong-minded people primarily determine the source of stress and then do everything possible to get rid of it. By making certain changes in your lifestyle and your environment, you can significantly reduce stress levels.

5. Keep calm.

Set yourself up for positive and remember that no matter what kind of stressful situations can happen – you will be ready for them. For example, try such mantra: “I have already dealt with similar situations in the past and I can perfectly overcome it this time”.

6. Try proper time management.

Very often, stress occurs when we do not have enough time to do what we need. For example, if you have a schedule and are afraid of being late for any meeting, next time plan your day with a 20-minute interval between meetings.

7. Free yourself from useless deeds.

Analyze your day. Do your actions bring you closer to your goal? Of course, it is impossible to completely get rid of useless activities, however, try to reduce such things to a minimum.

8. Support from friends.

The support contributes to better well-being. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help. But it is extremely important to determine this moment in order to reduce the level of stress and calm down.

9. Don’t run away from stress.

Avoiding a particular situation, you are just putting it off. You will not solve the problem if you constantly run away from it, so do not be afraid to face up with difficulties. Accept the fact that you cannot avoid unpleasant feelings and prepare in advance for this.

10. Consider thoughts about stress as a temporary moment.

Thoughts appear and disappear and some of them can be very negative. It is important to realize that thoughts about stress appear and will appear. Instead of trying to avoid or suppress such thoughts, try to accept them and realize that they are only temporary.

20 Psychologicals Ways How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety Quickly (2)

11. Take a wider look at the situation.

A stressful situation alone will not change your life. You remain the same talented, creative and intelligent person who just have had a negative experience.

12. Laugh.

Sometimes, a little positive is enough to reduce the level of stress. Even in the most stressful situations, the laugh will help you to change your negative attitude to a positive one.

13. Do something, that brings you pleasure.

Prioritize your time to favorite activity several times a week. It will help you to calm down and reduce stress levels.

14. Avoid factors that increase stress.

Lack of sleep, junk food, alcohol and excessive consumption of coffee make you more vulnerable to the external factors.

15. Keep strong emotional boundaries.

It often happens that people around you are a source of stress. Correctly, politely and clearly let them know that you have more important things to do, instead of solving their problems.

16. Separate anxiety and care.

Each time during an emotionally intense and difficult conversation, ask yourself: what can I really do in this situation? Understand that worrying and experiencing stress, you won’t help anyone.

17. Don’t listen to everyone.

Many people listen to every opinion or criticism and are greatly upset about it. So don’t do this. Listen to those people, who believe in you, and do not pay attention to others.

18. Don’t exaggerate.

Because of stress, a simple problem may seem like a terrible one. In fact, quite rarely, everything is so bad. So try to calm down.

19. Meditate.

There are no more peaceful activities than yoga and meditation. Especially try shoonya meditation, which is aimed at achieving harmony through thinking about nothing.

20. Forgive yourself and others.

Develop tolerance. Remember, all people are different, everyone has the right to their own point of view. Refrain from proving anyone emotionally.

What are your ways to deal with stress?

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.