Posted on Jul 06, 2019

“There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes” a popular saying runs. Every season has its own energy, beauty, and magical atmosphere, which affect all around.

Artists at Budget Direct decided to show how dramatically the annual cycle could look.

They chose 8 destinations, situated all around the world – noisy urban cities, unpeopled islands, historical areas, and natural landscapes. The artists portrayed the same places across 4 seasons of the year.

Bethesda Terrace (New York, USA).

Bethesda Terrace was created in the 1860s by designer Calvert Vaux. This is an oasis of calm in New York Central Park. The most important here is nature. That’s why the change of seasons is so great here.

Shaman Rock (Olkhon Island, Russia).

Olkhon Island is situated in Lake Baikal, Russia, and is huge places of magical energy. Furthermore, here live only 1500 people, so such peopless atmosphere even strengthen the exceptional mysticism of this place.

Elqui Valley Vineyards (Chile).

Elqui Valley is fascinating in every season. In winter, snow-capped mountains contrast with vineyards and in spring you could become an eyewitness of a huge color celebration. If you decide to visit Elqui Valley, the first half of the year is the best period because of grapes harvest.

Nymphenburg Palace (Munich, Germany).

The building was created in 1664 as a summer palace for the Wittelsbach dynasty. It’s rounded with parklands and gardens, which make the heart soar, so season changing here is worth seeing.

Roman Amphitheatre (Plovdiv, Bulgaria).

It was built in the 90s of the 1st century AD. Despite interesting evening shows (yes, the amphitheater is still functioning), there are many small, but historical details. For example, district names on the seats for proper sitting arrangement.

Mount Warning National Park (New South Wales, Australia).

It doesn’t matter when you visit the park – it will definitely impress you by its natural beauty. The extinct volcano is of dramatic importance for the Aboriginal Bundjalung people. And a diversity of trees, flowers, birds, and animals definitely completes the picture.

Stone Chariot At The Vittala Temple (Karnataka, India).

This is the most popular place, a marvel of Hampi. It’s a shrine, dedicated to Garuda, the Hindu god, and one of three most popular stone chariots in India.

The Chapel At King’s College, University Of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK).

Snowy park in winter, a rave of colors in fall, pretty gardens in spring and sunny landscapes in summer – Aberdeen University gets the best weather in Britain. The Chapel At King’s College was built in 1495. Now it’s functioning as worship and some concerts and college events.

Which of these palaces do you like most of all?

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