Posted on Jun 25, 2018

Do you know these tiny red hot balls of blessings are a major contributor to your good health? You may like for as they are taste enriched but you may don’t know their super health benefits to mankind!

Cherries are called the super fruit of America and 370 million cherries are grown every year. Due to their attractive color and sweet and tart taste, they are highly liked by almost all members of the family. If you are health conscious and want to follow leave your bad eating habits, you need to consume one cup of cherries each day!

Health Benefits of Cherries

One cup of cherries or 21 cherries can give you 100% calories and almost 15% of your Vitamin C intake! Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s take a look on amazing health benefits of cherries:

1. No osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis!

Cherries are enriched with antioxidant and contain high quantities of nitric acid that is why the help in getting rid of diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you will take specific amount of tart cherry juice, you will get a relief in your swollen joints and inflammation.

2. No Gout disease!

Near about 8 million US adults suffer from gout disease. It is same as like osteoarthritis but with slight differences. You can suffer from extreme joint pain with unbearable inflammation and pain. According to research, individuals who ate cherries for two days lowered the risk of gout by 35%. So eat cherries now!

3. Helps lowering blood sugar in diabetic patients!

If you are a diabetic patient and suffering from ups and downs of your blood sugar level, cherries can help you get rid of high blog sugar levels. Having a low level glycemic index it helps balancing your insulin and proves out to be a benefit for diabetes

4. Beneficial for a good-night sleep!

Cherries are a high source of melatonin, a component which helps balancing your sleep cycle. If you will take tart cherry juice 30 min before your bed time, you will probably face fewer struggles in sleeping. Insomniac patients are also referred to eat cherries and take tart cherry juice on daily basis.

5. Helps lower the risk of heart diseases!

The University of Michigan Cardio protection research says that sour cherries help a lot in lowering the risk of heart diseases. They are as equal as prescribed medicines in case you are taking one. Doctors often prescribe cherries with medications to avoid the risk of any stroke and other heart diseases.

6. Say no to Colon Cancer!

Did you know that cherries help fighting colon cancer?

Cherries are rich in dietary fibers which are a major source to of weight gain. Keeping the fact forward that weight gain is itself a cancer risk which can give origin to seven other cancers! You never knew that right?

Taking cherries daily and having tart cherry juices will help you fight some extra fats in your body. They are also enriched in Vitamin C, fibers, carotenoids and anthocyanins which are major cancer preventing elements. If you are exercising and taking cherries on daily basis, you are on the safer side of avoiding colon cancer!

7. Slows skin aging!

Who doesn’t want that? No one likes wrinkles and dull skin. If your skin is boring, dull, lost is glow and you are having wrinkles, you can help them avoid by sampling having tart cherry juice on daily basis. Isn’t it simple as compared to using a lot of cosmetics?

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How to take this incredible fruit?

  • Take cherries on daily basis. Add them in your cooked veggies, salads, oat meals or take them directly!
  • Make fresh tart cherry juice for incredible results to your health.
  • Make cherry smoothies and chill them with sparking water! Super effective and low in cost!
  • Use frozen cherries in any oat meal or sweet dishes.
  • Blend cherries and use them as toppings for cake, cup cakes and brownies!
  • Get amazing cherry recipes throughout internet!

Now that you know that cherries are such beneficial for your health, you should add them in your daily meals. Let me know how did you take your cherries today?

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