Posted on Jul 08, 2019

You may not like your neighbor’s pets, give them unfriendly nicknames and complain about noise or other pet’s behavior. But in France, people take it a step further. A couple of retirees filed a lawsuit against a rooster because of his too loud crow.

This has happened in Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron on the French island of Oleron, where the rooster Maurice lives with his owner Corinne Fesseau.


Corinne’s neighbors Jean-Louis Biron and Joëlle Andrieux have lived on this island for 15 years. They decided to build a house there to have a “serene old age”. The couple chose this place for its calm atmosphere.

But the situation changed dramatically in April 2017.

Maurice crows too loud and disturbs their calm in a naughty fashion. The main problem is cockerel’s early morning crow. Therefore, the French filed a petition in court.

The couple plans to get a refund in the sum of 1,000 euros, which they want to donate to charity.

The distance between the neighbor’s bedroom and the hen house is only three meters. That’s why Maurice’s crow is so well-heard. Biron’s lawyer said that the owner of the rooster hadn’t even tried to resolve the situation. But the woman denied this.

owner-fesseau-with maurice-rooster

Corinne Fesseau has lived on the island for 35 years and claims that Maurice “does the same thing as the other roosters”.

Maurice’s owner told, that she had done her best, trying to stop crowing: the woman had locked up the rooster at night and plugged holes in the hen house to block the sun.

Corinne Fesseau wasn’t present with the cockerel last Thursday at a recent court hearing, but owners of roosters gathered under the courthouse to support Maurice.

Two main participants of the support team were chicken called Pompadour and a rooster called Jean-Rene. People believe that Maurice is innocent, and this situation is common for rural areas, so it’s all right.

In France, roosters are considered as a symbol of the country. People often describe crow as an integral part of country life.

During the hearing, the question of whether the commune is rural or still urban area has been raised. Due to laws, such noise is unacceptable in urban areas. It is reported that the court must adjudicate “in the case of the cockerel” in September 2019.


The couple doesn’t grumble at Maurice for the first time. In 2017, they also complained about his crow, but volunteers signed a petition in support of the cockerel Maurice, which collected 155,000 signatures.

Biron’s lawyer noted that the couple regretted about such famous disclosure of the case after the scandal erupted.

And what do you think about all this? Will the court deliver a judgment in favor of the rooster? Tell us in comments.

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