Posted on Sep 03, 2018

Julia Christe is a photographer and animal lover. Julia and her family live on a farm with donkeys, horses, goats, , and two . She studied Communication Design at the University of Essen/Folkwangschule in Germany. Julia Christe set out to photograph the athleticism and freedom of cats and leaping in mid-air.

flying cats and dogs

For fans who loved bestsellers like Underwater Dogs and Shake comes Flying Dogs and Cats, a fun and stunning book capturing adorable dogs from a unique perspective: mid-air. She published some of these images of airborne canines digitally, and they quickly went viral with features in The Guardian, Huffington Post, and on the Today show.

The delightful result prompted her to capture other dogs and catsfrom this hilarious and unique perspective. Featuring over 120 airborne dogs of all breeds and sizes—from the tiniest of Chihuahuas to full-grown Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds — Flying Dogs is the delightful, swooping sensation that will have dog lovers laughing out loud and begging for more! (And never fear: no dogs were harmed in the making of this book.)

Jumping-Dogs fly

Jumping-Dogs fly

Her work been shown nationally and internationally in individual and group exhibitions, and she has won awards including The Kodak Young Talent Award (Nachwuchsförderpreis), the Aenne-Biermann-Prize for German contemporary photography, and the Lead Award Bronze.

Follow her @christejulia to see more photos, not only this collection.

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