Posted on Jun 06, 2019

The unusual rescue of a 74-year-old tourist from Arizona sparked interest among Internet users. Everything was well-planned, but in one moment something went wrong and the rescue operation turned into a horror movie.

Rescuers from Phoenix, Arizona, received a call: the 74-year-old woman was injured while hiking at Piestewa Peak, a mountain in the middle of Phoenix city.

The woman suffered a damaging fall; she had head and face injuries. Eyewitnesses of the incident provided first aid to the victim. Soon a special rescue helicopter arrived at the incident scene.

The woman was put in a special basket for wounded people and hooked with a cable to the helicopter.

After that, the helicopter took off and due to the strong wind, the stretcher with the injured woman began to spin up strongly in the air.

On the video below you can see that at first everything was okay: the helicopter gradually gained altitude, and the stretcher was only spinning slightly. But then the elderly woman was unwound strongly due to the gusting wind.

Only a few minutes later the rescuers noticed what had happened. The woman was moved to the helicopter cabin and immediately taken to the nearest hospital, which was situated only half a mile from the incident scene.

Currently, the 74-year-old tourist is in satisfactory condition. She does not have severe injuries, except for light dizzy and nausea.

Representatives of the rescue service held a press conference, where they explained the situation.

The captain of the Phoenix Fire Service Bobby Dubnow said that the woman was secured in a special basket and nothing threatened her life.

According to Paul Apolinar, chief pilot of the air support, circular movement occurs when the stretcher with a victim closes the helicopter and interacts like a windmill. Rescuers usually keep the distance between a helicopter and the basket with an injured person in order to reduce the spinning. However, in this case, the rescuers could not quickly prevent the incident.

In the past six years, the department has managed 210 real mountain rescues, except training. The equipment for rescue was Bauman bag and basket, a standard one for aerial rescues.

Derek Geisel, the pilot of the helicopter during the rescue, mentioned that the spinning lasted for 40 seconds. The crew tried to lower the stretcher in bids to stabilize the situation; however, when they managed to bring it back up, the basket started to spin again.

It really looks like a horror movie, doesn’t it? What do you think about all this? Tell us in comments!

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