Posted on Jul 23, 2019

The main task, when you think about a first date, is to secure a second one. The popular pieces of advice range from “be yourself” to “smile and be lovely”. But the pivotal thing lies in your food, even if it seems off to you.

Psychologists at Leeds University explored dining habits of couples, which participated in First Dates series on Channel 4. People were set up on blind dates in a restaurant.


The psychologists are sure – if you want to meet one more time, you should share your food, especially dessert.

They compared almost 60 dates where the couples shared food with 49 dates where they didn’t. Sharing food may resemble ‘courtship’ feeding, which signals about sexual interest.

The researchers published the results of the experiment in the journal Appetite.

But managers of restaurants and bars have been aware of this for a long time. Otherwise, how to explain the option “My girlfriend is not hungry” in a menu of one snack bar in Arkansas? It appeared several weeks ago.

This option includes an extra compact portion of French fries, two small fried chicken wings or three cheese sticks for 4 dollars 25 cents.

The main dishes are a little bigger, so your girlfriend can taste the food from your plate without a twinge of conscience.

This idea was highly appreciated and admired by many internet users. Some of them even wanted this option to be in every restaurant.

However, some ladies thought that this was not quite the correct position and considered this idea as sexist.


But if sharing food strikes you as strange, here are 5 tips, which will help you to look charming on a first date and make quite an impression.

1. Respect yourself

Remember, you don’t need relationships for relationships’ sake. Let your partner offer options that will be suitable for you – the most convenient time, comfortable place and relaxing situation.

2. Respect your partner

You shouldn’t humiliate a person, even if you are disappointed. Try to be punctual and come on time, despite the rule, that ladies should be late for 15 minutes.

3. Choose an appropriate place

The calm atmosphere is the best one for a first date, even if you both rock music, and your idol arrives with a concert. It is a meeting when you should get to know each other to the fullest extent in order to decide whether to score a second date. The best thing for this is a leisurely and fascinating conversation, where nothing will distract you.

4. Keep up a conversation 

Yes, when you meet a person for the first time, there could be awkward pauses. Just do not be silent in response, for your partner is important to achieve feedback. You shouldn’t be only an attentive listener, try to say at least a few words to every topic.



5. Lovely ending

What a partner will remember about your date depends on the tone in which this date ends. This is one of the critical moments. Be extremely polite, incredibly charming and pleasant. Smile and say that everything is great, even if there are dubious moments.

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