Posted on Feb 27, 2019

Advertising promises us fabulous products with undoubtful benefits. But sometimes reality disappoints. Marketing specialists are up-and-doing, so be careful, because some of us have already got scammed.

For example, buying a big salami pizza, as it’s shown on the packaging, you’ll be astonished after opening the box. The same is for cookies and different snacks.

These facts have even got a special naming “false advertising” and become an ever-living source of “expectations vs reality” .

Furthermore, even claims that a product is “scientifically proven” with “guaranteed results” could be defined as false advertising.

Beside funny pictures, false advertising is a crime, so consumers could report to special agencies, for example, the Federal Trade Commission. But the appropriate evidence is needed. Also, you can contact the producing company for a refund.

Often such advertising tricks cost companies’ reputation because of turning into a huge media scandal. As it was with Red Bull Company for its slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”. As a result, the company had to pay out $13 million of refunding, because caffeinated drink couldn’t improve concentration and reaction speed.

But we hope that you have never faced up with false advertising like people below.

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