Mar 28, 2019

The miracle happened in England: doctors pronounced the death of a patient and informed his relatives about the incident, and after 21 minutes the man “came to life”.

It occurred with Joao Araujo from Gloucester 10 years ago, but only now he decided to share his story with the public.


The man was driving a car when he suddenly lost consciousness.

His wife Grazielle, who was in the passenger seat, managed to avoid an accident and called an ambulance. She grabbed his phone and wedged it in between his tongue and the roof of the mouth to prevent tongue falling back.

Doctors diagnosed cardiac arrest in 38-year-old Araujo and took him to hospital. After a six-hour struggle for the patient’s life, the medics pronounced the death and told about the tragedy to his wife and children.

While being wheeled from intensive care to the morgue, the medics suddenly noticed his moves – the heart renewed its functions.

21 minutes after the “death” Joao came to his senses. The doctors confirmed that the man had no damage to the heart, brain or body and could not explain the “miracle”.

Joao Araujo came alove afri 21 minutes of death

At first, the doctors were afraid that the lack of oxygen could have damaged his brain. The man remained critically ill for three days.

After two weeks Joao was sent to hospitals in Bristol and Oxford to find out the causes of the incident. But the man hadn’t any diseases, so doctors decided that the problem was in brains signals.

After three weeks, Joao returned to work and normal life.

Now Mr. Araujo is known as the ‘Miracle Man’. The incident changed all his life, he began to precious every single day.

After the incident, the man followed a healthy lifestyle and visit the cardiology ward every six months. Now everyone knows Joao and even random people greet him on the street. He is famous.

Joao Araujo came alove afri 21 minutes of death (2)

Mr. Araujo decided to share his experience ten years on, having previously told journalists he ‘didn’t want to be famous’.

This is not the first such case. Several years ago Tony Yahle from Ohio came alive 45 minutes after the cardiac arrest.

The man said, that he didn’t remember anything. He just went to bed at home, and a few days later came to himself in the hospital. According to doctors, the heart of 37-year-old man could have stopped due to a viral infection. Five days after returning to life, Yahle was discharged from the hospital.

Tony Yahle died and came alive

But before the miraculous resurrection, his teenage son came to visit the man and told his father, that he wouldn’t die on that day.

Cardiologist Raja Nazir said that he hadn’t seen a patient who would have returned to life after ascertained death for 20 years of his practice.

It was even the story when a man came to life during his own funeral.

In Egypt, 28-year-old man Hamdi Hafez al-Nubia felt bad while working under the scorching sun. At first, he fell unconscious, and then his heart stopped. Doctors pronounced the death of the man.

However, someone noticed that the body was still warm during the funeral. After that, medical care was rendered to his mother, which lost consciousness.

The funeral ceremony was canceled, but all residents of the village became participants in the feast for Hamdi’s health.

Do you consider all these stories as real miracles or fust doctors’ mistakes?

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