Posted on Jul 01, 2019

Taking a bus in the morning is not the best thing: you wait for it, standing at the grey, unfriendly bus stop and nerving about being late. But your morning could look differently. And George Barratt-Jones proved this.

He created the “First Class Bus Stop”. This is a social project aimed at creating a new-type bus stop and making people become more friendly.


George created something like small café, where he served people coffee, tea and homemade cookies. And all this – with pretty relaxing music and in a fun atmosphere.

And the great bonus – tea and coffee are free. People could simply come and have a chat, befriend with their neighbors.


George Barratt-Jones lives in the Netherlands and is a design student at the Design Academy Eindhoven. So he shared the video of his project on Reddit last night and it has gathered more than 25,000 up-votes and over 1100 comments.

So why can’t the morning be more luxurious? Why can’t we the start the day in a more fun way? This project was all about creating happiness. Making people 10% happier, turning boring time while waiting for the bus into something hopefully more enjoyable.

That’s not the first George’s project.

Earlier he created a pedal-powered knitting machine and set it up at Eindhoven Station. People could sit and cycle for five minutes, meanwhile, the machine would knit a scarf.

The man came up with this idea, while he was waiting for the train in Eindhoven. He believed, that this invention would allow other riders to stay warm while passing time on the platform.

This invention was so popular, that almost all local newspapers wrote about it, and even some foreign media.

Also, he designed “Keep Moving Bench” within the campaign of the “Zilveren Kruis”, a Dutch health care organization.

The bench starts moving when you sit on it too long. The designer wanted to make people consider how many hours a day they were sitting down instead of moving.


The man likes the idea of making people closer to each other. In line with this, he created “Hot Hands”.

It’s a public installation to heat up hands while walking through the city during those cold winter days. The warmer is designed for three people, so during warming out people could talk and have a bit of fun.


Now the man is ready for new projects. He asks everyone – if you have a worth idea just contact him for joint realization.

And do you want to live near this bus station? We, definitely, do!

Being a journalist is not only my profession but true purpose. I believe that there are no bad thing is our life, but only bad approach to them. If you look with positive on every situation, it will definitely change for the better.