Posted on May 03, 2019

Kody Antle is a modern Tarzan. He works in Myrtle Beach Safari reservation, where he takes care of many animals, including chimpanzees Vali and Sugriva. And these animals are incredibly smart.

Chimps Become Internet Stars They Scrolls Through Instagram and Play XBox (2)

Recently a video with one of the chimpanzees has become completely viral in Instagram.

On this video, the animal is scrolling through the social network feed and watching videos. But the chimpanzee really chooses which video he likes and watches it attentively.

Most of all, Sugriva likes videos and pictures, showing the animal leaping into the arms of Mike Holston. He is a former football player, who has an account in Instagram – The Real Tarzann – and posts materials of various exotic animals. For the chimpanzee, it took 2 years to use Instagram appropriately.

Moreover, this is not the only amusement for Vali and Sugriva. They also play a set-top box, surf, do yoga and sports and even take a bath.

Chimps Become Internet Stars They Scrolls Through Instagram and Play XBox (2)

Kody looks like a real cartoon character; he has long hair and a muscular body. He understands animals, communicates with them, they trust him. He likes jumping on trees with monkeys, swimming in a pool with tigers and doing yoga with elephants.

Kody Antle has been living with animals since birth. Kody’s father is the owner of the reservation and true animal-lover. Elephants, tigers, panthers, and jaguars are among inhabitants of Myrtle Beach Safari.

“I was born in the zoo, animals raised me. From childhood, I played with them. I fell asleep with tigers, ate with monkeys, and rode elephants. I have never felt bored or sad, but safe and happy. I really think that I have some mental connection with these animals. We have been taking care of them for ages. My father worked hard to create a home for animals”.

The reservation is located in South Carolina, USA and protects endangered animals. There are hundreds of them in the reservation.

The elder ones have survived after the cruelty of poachers by luck. But most of the animals are born in Myrtle Beach Safari.

There are more than 60 big cats in Myrtle Beach Safari, every one of them eats 10 kilograms of meat every day. Despite their sharp canines, the animals are kind and playful.

All animals feel themselves good in the natural environment, freely moving over a huge territory. But at the same time, they like to use new technologies.

 “The lions love the jacuzzi, the swimming pool, and the so-called beauty studio. And monkeys like travelling by car. All animals are clever; they know how to use any technique, whether it is a TV or a bathroom with foam”.

But not only the chimpanzees from Myrtle Beach Safari like modern technologies. In Virunga National Park, Congo, two gorillas like to pose for a selfie. The jaegers rescued the gorillas from poachers and become adoptive “parents” for the animals. During this time the animals have learned a lot from the humans, even how to look great on photos.


Lovely stories, aren’t they? What animals do you like most of all? 

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