Posted on Jan 31, 2019

In North Carolina (USA), the three-year-old Casey Hathaway had lost in the forest. Search and rescue crews had sought him for two days, and when they found the boy, he told an incredible story of salvation.

The last time the boy was seen on the playground in his grandmother’s yard in Ernul with two other children.

When relatives had gone to the police, a massive search operation was immediately organized throughout the rural, wooded area with the involvement of the hundreds of searchers, divers, and rescuers. The crews were looking for the boy using helicopters and drones.

Bear saved a boy

The boy was found in the bushes on Aurora Road near Toler Road in Craven County. A woman was walking with a dog, heard the cry and called the police. Casey was wet and cold and called his mother.

The boy was missing for 55 hours and spent two nights in the forest. He was dressed in just a coat and tracksuits.

The boy told sheriff Chip Hughes, that he had had a friend in the woods – a bear and he had been with him all the time. The same story boy repeated to his aunt Breanna Hathaway.

Casey Hathaway and police officer

However, the law enforcement officer doubted this story, because Casey had been in the forest for two days without food and water.

And the officer wasn’t the only person, who mistrusted this evidences.

Chris Servin, a bear researcher at the University of Montana, explained that the boy probably had come up with this story. Wild bears are not friendly. According to the scientist, these animals are usually afraid of people. The only reason why a bear can approach a person is an attack.

The researcher also has added that black bears rarely attack humans. The bear, thanks to the keen smell, would smell Casey long before the meeting and run away.

Doctors examined the child and found no injuries. He spent a day in a hospital. His mother told that Casey was in good mood, he ate Cheetos and watched PAW Patrol.

Casey Hathaway had lost in the forest and bear saved him

Many people supported the parents during the search operation, they prayed in churches. Breanna Hathaway said, that the family would set up a post office box due to many support letters.

Also, people had sent Casey small teddy bears. There had been plenty of parcels, so the aunt asked people to stop because soon no free place would be in the house.

Casey Hathaway had lost in the forest

The aunt also added that Casey had seen himself in a TV- while he had been in a hospital. The boy was very amazed. She said that Casey was “healthy and smiling” when he returned home.

There is a big black bear population in North Carolina. So it remains to be ascertained whether the boy’s story is true or just figment of the imagination.

Casey Hathaway had lost in the forest (2)

And do you believe in the boy’s story? What is your opinion?

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