Posted on Jul 03, 2019

Flashmobs and social networks are gaining momentum. Recently, many stars have been taken part in such social-media actions. Especially, in #BottleCap Challenge, which is becoming very popular.

#BottleCap Challenge is a new flash mob: people try to turn off the bottle cap with a kick, record video and upload it to Instagram and Twitter.

The main point is that many celebrities have already joined this flashmob. For example, actor Jason Statham, MMA fighter Conor McGregor, singer John Mayer.

Designer Errolson Hugh and the UFC fighter Max Holloway initiated the battle. They posted the video on Instagram and challenged singer John Mayer.

Despite the lack of sports training, the guitarist coped with the task and challenged Jason Statham. The actor quickly undertook the challenge and posted the video, which was seen more than 14 million times.

The actor passed on the baton to the highest grossing MMA fighter Conor McGregor. The Irishman also participated in the #BottleCap Challenge. Nevertheless, he himself became a minor character – the ‘Proper Twelve’ bottle in Conor’s hand takes the main attention to itself.

Fighter Kang Lee is famous for kicks. The veteran of the UFC and Strikeforce had no trouble with brushing the caps off. But he is really cool in this challenge as he used three bottles together!

Jon Jones, the best fighter of our time, approached the task with humor. Soon he will defend the UFC light heavyweight champion title, so now it’s better to do without dangerous stunts.

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But not only celebrities and sportsmen participate in the challenge. Even kids are involved.

The algorithm of the challenge is simple: you set up a bottle and then do a spinning kick. The aim is to unscrew the cap of the top without knocking the bottle down. But it’s really harder than it looks like.

So some participants make a trick: they open the bottle by hands, and then just put the cap on the bottle, without screwing it.

This challenge is a lot more complex than the Ice bucket challenge, which was very popular in 2014. Yes, everyone can shiver through a bucket of ice water. But make a proper kick with necessary force and angle is a more difficult task.

But nevertheless, nothing can stop people from trying this challenge, no matter whether they are famous or not. Now there are 13 773 publications within this challenge only on Instagram.

People even try to open some other bottles – for example, Nutella jar.

Also, one more challenge is now on the peak – #VacuumChallenge. People just sit in a spacious garbage bag, only the head sticks out. Putting the hose of a vacuum cleaner inside the bag, they turn on the vacuum cleaner and suck out the air.

We are sure, this challenge definitely will be a thing this summer. And what do you think? Tell us in comments!  

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