Posted on Sep 25, 2019

Heavy sleep is the main pillar of a productive day. As while sleeping, your mind and body relax and in the morning you are full of energy.

But often the situation is different: you are tired, but can’t fall asleep in the evening, and in the morning feel battered. Furthermore, sleep disorders lead to problems with health and decrease brain activity.

For the avoidance of all this try one of the techniques, which will help you to drop asleep more quickly.  All of them I have tested by myself, so they really work.

Rewind your day

When you lay in a bed, try to review everything you have done during this day, upward your awakening in the morning. But the technique is a little bit controversial: some people say, that it’s impossible to fall asleep while revising the day, and the others drop asleep in two minutes.

Read books

It’s my favorite technique. But don’t choose exciting novels. Instead read something scientific, written in a complicated style. If you don’t understand something then consult with a dictionary and read a paragraph again. For example, I read huge research about African history and in 10 minutes I certainly fall asleep.

Listen to music

White noise may be helpful, and if it doesn’t annoy you – there are a lot of such tracks on the web-sites. If you do not like it, you can put on special compositions for sleep, sounds of nature, etc. For me, the best ones are the sounds of ingle.

Four – seven – eight technique

It’s old measure and has been created for the US army officers. Inhale through the nose for four seconds, then hold your breath for seven seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. The technique will help you to calm down and relax.

Imagine the ball

We all know about lambs. But much more effective visual way is the ball. Imagine a ball that sways smoothly, spreading waves around it. For me, the crucial moment is not to distract for thoughts. And it’s a bit difficult.

Progressive muscle relaxation

When you lie in bed, slowly strain, and then relax each muscle in your body. Start with your leg muscles: feet, calves, thigh muscles, buttocks, abdomen, etc. It looks similar to corpse pose from yoga, but it may be only my own reflection.

Warm your legs and arms

It has been discovered, that warmth helps to fall asleep more quickly. While wearing noses or even mittens, heat expands the blood vessels, thereby increasing heat loss. This causes a redistribution of heat throughout the body and production of melatonin.

I tried this technique in a cold season. So it’s not only helpful but also pleasant.

Cool your room

The recommended temperature in the bedroom should be approximately 20 degrees. If the temperature is much lower or higher than the recommended one, the REM sleep phase will begin, the period with the highest brain activity. As I live in a country with very hot summers, this technique – is the only way for me to fall asleep.

Get up and do something for 10 minutes

Do not lie in bed if you cannot fall asleep. Get up and engage yourself in something like solitaire or coloring “doodles”. At the same time, do not bother to flip through social networks – the luminous screens of smartphones suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone that you need for a good sleep.

And do not repeat my mistakes – don’t try to do something of your work tasks. In this case, you can give up on sleeping.

Drink milk and eat a banana

Warm milk and bananas contribute to good sleep. Both of them stimulate the production of natural chemicals that promote relaxation and falling asleep due to the calcium contained in them. In addition, these products include tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin in the body, causing a feeling of drowsiness.

You can also try my own way – to eat nuts. They also help the body produce natural sleep hormone due to the abundance of protein, potassium, and selenium.

I hope, that my experience will be useful for you. And you will forget about insomnia forever.

As for journalist, there is the only rule in my life: “Do, what you can, and always move on”. And this postulate I try to get across to readers.