Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Who doesn’t want to find his way in a fairy tale? Now we have such a possibility: for several days four lucky persons could become Barbies or Kens. Everything that is needed is to book the apartments on Airbnb.

Barbie Dreamhouse was posted on this booking site. White and Pink cottage is located in Malibu, California and can be rented only for two days from October 27 to October 29 for a relatively cheap price – $ 60 per night.

The proposal is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Barbie doll by Mattel.

“Panoramic ocean views and glamorous décor make the house a great place for a Barbie-style holiday”.

The three-story house is located on a hill, its windows look out over the beach and the ocean. There are also an outdoor terrace, a pool, and a movie theater. The cottage has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a cabinet. Four people can live there.

In addition, there is also a wardrobe with themed clothing: swimsuits, bags, sandals and even Barbie’s cosmonaut costume.

Among entertainment supplies for guests are rooftop fencing with Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad and dinner with Chef Gina Clarke-Helm.

The pink accents are, maybe, the most defining feature of the home décor. They are everywhere: from painted walls and furniture to balustrades and deck chairs on the terrace.

The money gained from rent will be contributed to The Barbie Dream Gap Project, which helps girls find the resources to achieve their dreams. Though now it’s unknown whether the house will be available for rent after October 29.

Mattel has created several new Barbie lines in recent years after the accusations in the unrealistic portrayal of women and lack of cultural diversity.

The Heroes series is among new collections. It celebrates inspirational women from around the world, such as Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and Australian nature advocate Bindi Irwin. Launched in early 2016, the Barbie Fashionista line includes plus-size, miniature, and tall models.

Mattel presented the latest collection Creatable World in late September. It includes six gender-neutral dolls. In the complect, there are also clothing and accessories that can be used to equip dolls for both girls and boys. The new collection has dolls of different races, body types, and stature.

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