Posted on Oct 10, 2019

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has produced 6 new editions for 2020 in order to support animals and wildlife.

This year colleagues from France and Germany joined Australian firefighters.

“It was important to help some local, small charities with more of a focus on native Australian, rescue and therapy animals. These organizations work tirelessly in their local community, which is crucial for people’s lives”, said David Rogers, director of Australian Firefighters Calendar.

New photos are a combination of courage, passion, and gentleness. With the firefighters, a variety of animals posturizes for the photos – kittens, dogs, chickens, horses, and even a kangaroo, symbol of Australia.

The Australian Firefighter Calendar has become a tradition over the past 27 years. Since 1993, firefighters from Australia’s urban and rural departments, army, aviation, and corporate services have jointly popularized charity and inspired other people to change the world.

Since 1993, the Calendar has donated more than $3 million to charities around Australia, with $1.9 million of that donated in the past five years alone.

You can buy the Australian Firefighters Calendar here.

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