Posted on Oct 27, 2018

When kids sit down with their pets and start playing or hugging – there is no spectacle nicer. They very quickly find a common language, understand each other perfectly, and often even have a similar mood.

Animals teach even very small children loyalty, friendship and responsibility. So if now you are just thinking about whether to get an animal in a house where is a small child – look at these cute pictures and decide for yourself.

baby cat hugs

cat and girl

funny kid and cat

kid and cat

kids and dog funny

little doctor girl and dog

sleeping baby and dog

kids pets

сat and baby

сat and baby boy

small boy and cat

puppie and baby

pets superheros

milk pets and girl

little girl and cat

dog and girl

dog and small baby

funny photo cute cat and girl

funny photo girl and dog

giger girl and dog

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girl and cat

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dog and girl (3)

dog and girl (2)

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cat and baby 2

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bag dog and baby

babygirl and cat

baby and cat

baby and cat (3)

baby and cat (2)

baby an cute dog

baby an cute dog (4)

baby an cute dog (2)

baby abd cat


And did you have pet in childhood? What was it name?

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