Do you remember your first reaction to snow? Our parents certainly enjoyed seeing our facial expression and surprise: what is it that is white and soft?

Today we will show you very funny photos. But there will be no children on them, but pets, which really likes snow! Some of them see snow for the first time!

So, enjoy!

white dog jumping

cat in snow

snow dog

snow dog (2)

small dog snow

sad snow dog

can in snow

can in snow

can in snow

cat laying in snow

playing in snow dog

main dog

main cat

happy dog snow

happy cat in snow

funny cat and snow tree

Funny dog in snow

fetcing in snow

dogs playing in the snow

dog snow day

dog playing on snow

dog look at snow

dog likes winter

dog in snow

dog and snow man

day loay on snow

cats playing in snow

cat in snow funny

cat snow

cat sad snow

cat amuse snow

cat accuracy in snow

black dog in snow

cat in snow

big snow cat black

And do your pets like snow?

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