Posted on Oct 01, 2019

The first shoots from a new James Bond movie appeared on the Internet. There Lashana Lynch acts in the role of 007.


The actress poses in uniform, with a headphone and a whole arsenal of weapons on the set in Italy, where the filming takes place. The premiere of the film, named No Time to Die, is scheduled for April 2020.


Earlier it was reported that the actress, known for her role as pilot Maria Rambo in the Captain Marvel movie, would be the next 007 agent instead of James Bond.

Daniel Craig will return to his role as a spy, however, in the film, his hero is retired and suddenly called up for a secret mission.

In addition to Lynch and Craig, Rami Malek, Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris also are involved in the movie. The film director is Cary Fukunaga.

Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, who played the 007 agent in four series of Bond, also recommended the producers to invite a woman to the role of the new James Bond.

The actor is sure, that now is the high time for such changes as people have seen a lot of men in the role of 007 and now the cinema industry has to give this role to the woman.


However, as he has mentioned, while Barbara Broccoli remains the executive producer of the Bondiana, men will play the main role. But earlier, Barbara Broccoli ruled out the possibility that a woman would ever play James Bond.

So, Lashana Lynch will be the first woman to play this cult role. The information that the new 007 will be a woman divided Bondiana’s fans into two opposite camps.

There were heated debates on Twitter:

  • “Can these strong, beautiful, independent woman not create their own iconic figures.. and stop trying to take over all the original male ones?”, Will Matthews wrote.

  • “Do you realize that Bond is not one single male character? Bond-007 is a code name. The other Bond movies won’t just cease to exist. Take a nap or something,” Al Fields retorted.

And some users even created a satiric poster, where all the main roles went to the wrong characters.

Screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge (known for Killing Eve) suggested these changes. She was hired on the personal advice of Daniel Craig to “refine” the script and add more humor to it.

Waller-Bridge believes that James Bond is still a relevant hero who should not change. But the movie series itself should develop and portray women more progressively.

“Bond has to learn how to live in a world of the #MeToo era,” the scriptwriter said.

We look forward to seeing this new movie! And what do you think? Will the new idea pay off?

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